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Fox News Tries Comedy with ‘Gutfeld:’ Twitter Falls Over Laughing AT Fox for the ‘Pitiful’ Attempt

Comedy is dangerous, both for the comedian, writer, movie director and for the audience. Because no one looks more desperate and exposed than a guy who isn’t funny, and there’s nothing harder to watch than pathetic attempts made by people who believe they’re funny. Dangerous stuff.

It is the risk that makes it work when it does. Brian Williams is very funny. He is so funny that he makes us want to break our keyboards sometimes because we’re not at that level. Fox must have recognized the correlation between Brian’s dry wit on a serious news show with the show’s success. Though Williams’ wit is appreciated, we watch because it’s the best summation of the day’s news by a guy who’s seen it all. It is not a news comedy.

So FOX went to straight comedy, a “funny” news show, “Gutfeld,” and even on the first show, it failed terribly. No one should be surprised. Real humor requires someone observant, caring, well-rounded, and smart, it is an art. It isn’t shocking that Obama is extra funny and Donald Trump is extra not funny. It takes a certain personality and it takes generosity, one has to want to connect with other people. Donald Trump has no desire to connect to other people. Trump thinks it’s funny to slice people up, to hurt them.

Gutfeld seems to use the show to cut down others, similar to Trump, and they cannot even do that right. It is cringe-worthy.

Oh, it is funny to attack Williams by reminding people that Williams was suspended for lying about participating in a military mission. It was long ago. But they couldn’t even make that funny. Then, the stuff on CNN, that’s just sort of absurd and uncaring.

They are off to a bad start and Twitter let them know:

Because they can’t get beyond a high school type joke giggle?

Yes, it is pretty sad. Humor just doesn’t work on the right, nor with any art, once we think about it. Discuss among yourselves as to why that might be.

Peace, y’all
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