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Jen Psaki Very Sweetly Congratulates Peter Doocy for His New Marriage — Then Destroys Him for Stupid Question

Oh lord, Pete Doocy just cannot help himself.

Doocy seems unable to deal with the fact that he just cannot push Psaki around, nor fool her. He should have known that no matter how nicely Psaki called on him today, it did not mean that she wasn’t ready to professionally, and perfectly, own Doocy. Again, Psaki started out very appropriately, as most of us would. Transcript and video via Mediaite [1]:

PSAKI: And congratulations. Not to embarrass you, you got married.

DOOCY:  I did, yes. Thank you very much.

Doocy must have believed that the greeting gave him license to ask a completely ridiculous and debunked question:

DOOCY: “There was a report in the last couple of days in the New York Post that every migrant child being brought to a shelter is being given a copy of [Vice President Kamala Harris’] children’s book, ‘Superheroes are Everywhere. Do you know why that is and if she is making any money off of that?”

Inexplicably, Psaki gave him a bit of rope and we can only guess that she might have been setting Doocy up for an even more aggressive question, and answer.

PSAKI: “I’d have to certainly check on that. I hear it’s a good book.”

And then Doocy proceeded to ask a stupid question that only FOX viewers could care about:

DOOCY: “Why was President Biden the only world leader at the Climate Summit Zoom who was wearing a mask?

Maybe Doocy meant to imply that President Biden was either virtue signaling or the only one gullible enough to continue wearing a mask. Psaki smelled out Doocy’s implication and answered easily:

PSAKI: “He had a pool there for portions. There were additional staff there, additional personnel. And that’s the sort of model that we try to keep ourselves to here.”

In other words, President Biden believes in protecting people and continues to use the most effective means, even for someone who is already vaccinated but can pass it on. Doocy believed that he had Psaki trapped:

DOOCY: “But I know the CDC’s website and their guidance is that you can gather indoors with fully vaccinated people without wearing a mask or staying six feet apart, so…”

Psaki cut him off.

PSAKI: “That’s actually for — in your private home, so it’s not workplace guidance.”


Doocy just learned (Again) that Psaki studied harder for her answer than Doocy did for his “gotcha” question. Psaki wasn’t done with Doocy. She had him against the ropes and Psaki must feel a need to continue to teach Doocy:

PSAKI: “And we still wear masks around here, just like you are all wearing masks. And we wear masks in our offices and continue to abide by that until that guidance changes here.”

She did not say; “Had Trump abided by CDC guidelines, perhaps we would not have lost a half million Americans and perhaps the White House wouldn’t have been a COVID hotzone. Trump got COVID, after all.” But she easily could have. Doocy’s newly-wed status didn’t get him anywhere. In fact, he should have been more cautious. But Doocy never learns.


Peace, y’all
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