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Misogynistic Newsmax Host Calls Kamala Harris ‘The New Witch in Town’ and People are Disgusted

Grant Stinchfield is one of Newsmax’s dimmer bulbs, which is saying something very dark. On Monday, Stinchfield decided to combine some Right Wing hatred of powerful woman on the left, with some good old-fashioned misogyny as he gratuitously went after Kamala Harris, mocking one of her most wonderful traits, the fact that she can laugh at the world and herself.

We should note that there are some men that we on the left mock based somewhat upon their looks or style, Mitch McConnell the turtle, Trump the orange one, so it’s not solely a “woman” thing in politics. But attacking every powerful woman with extra scorn and extra misogyny is a Right-wing thing. (Michelle, Hillary, Pelosi, Kamala, Warren…). We don’t attack how men laugh.

Well, Stinchfield did mock Kamala’s laugh and then twisted it even further. We have the transcript from Rawstory [1], the video below:

“So, it got me thinking about Kamala’s cackling.” 

“She is probably going to be president sooner rather than later, alright? She’s supposed to be the leader all women should look up to. But all I can actually remember her doing since taking office is cackling — at the most strange moments too.”

“It’s not even funny.”

“So, I was racking my brain watching those clips right there, trying to figure out, ‘Who in the hck doees this woman remind me of?’ And then I realized, she’s from out west, and then it hit me, 

“That’s her, that’s cackling Kamala, the wicked witch of the west. Nancy Pelosi, move over, there’s a new witch in town, and her name of course is cackling Kamala Oh, how sad is that?”

Not near as “sad” as you, jackass.

See? The women are lumped together as “witches,” which rhymes with you know. A guy like Adam Schiff isn’t grouped together with other men, they hate him individually, without pointing to anything about his appearance, certainly not his laugh or mannerisms. That is reserved for women:

Sad. A few on Twitter had some thoughts to share.

Peace, y’all
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