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Montana Governor Who Rescinded Mask Mandate Now Has COVID, and is Showing Mild Symptoms

Those of us who are fully vaccinated and still wear our masks everywhere to protect others, get particularly angry when we see others who are not vaccinated, go MAGA-mask free. Americans have an opportunity to put this disease down over the next two months. We had a day recently when four million people got a vaccination shot. As President Biden has said, if everyone did their part, we’d be very close to normal by 4th of July.

Unfortunately, we have plenty of people who aren’t doing their part, and even beyond that, we have people actively fighting to keep the disease going. Red-state governors (and only red-state governors) rescind mask mandates while too many MAGAs see the vaccine as more dangerous than actually having COVID. Or, if you’re Marjorie Taylor-Greene, believe that a workout is “her” way to fight off the virus.

The rest is four weeks with increasing cases. We have the U.K. variant moving quickly. It is far more contagious and, some think, more deadly. It certainly sickens younger adults with more severe cases. And thus we suspect it is news when one of the people responsible for “rescinding mask mandates” gets COVID, as Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, did. From The Daily Beast:

Montana Gov. Gianforte, who rescinded the state’s mask mandate weeks after taking office, has tested positive for COVID-19. The 59-year-old Republican got the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine last Thursday, but since full immunity doesn’t kick in until after the second dose, he would have still been vulnerable to infection. The Billings Gazette reports that he developed symptoms on Sunday after attending Easter services, tested positive on Monday, and will now quarantine for 10 days. It’s not clear how he contracted the virus or if he has infected others, but six members of the state legislature have also tested positive since January.

Nice job, Greg. If he got the shot on Thursday and developed symptoms Sunday, it’s questionable whether he had contact with the virus even before he got the shot or in and around the shot. Regardless, we do know that he would be far more likely to get the disease in an environment in which masks are “optional” than one in which they’re mandated.

The MAGAs have been destroying this country since 2017 and continue to do so as the proud “know-nothings.”  Meanwhile, the country will be awash in the variant which hits younger people and now we have to worry more about kids. And it’s sad because, being a good MAGA, Gov. “Greg” will imitate Trump. Having had the disease will not impact his beliefs at all. The MAGAs believe they can fight the virus with toughness right up until one runs up against a “tough case” and none of us know ahead of time. Well, some of us do.

Peace, y’all
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