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New Video Finally Shows Trump and Melania Together Where They Receive the Most Pathetic Standing Ovation Ever

This is absurd. But we love an opportunity to mock Trump and Melania engaging in damned near anything shameless, or the MAGAs’ worshipful response. We had it all clash this weekend at Mar-a-Lago when Trump and Melania were seen together for the first time since leaving the White House.

We also get to review Trump’s latest response to commercial boycotts of Georgia, Trump wants a boycott of the boycotts. He wants his MAGAs to stop buying from companies that don’t sell stuff to regular people.

But anyway, there are videos from Instagram that show Trump and Melania (but not Barron, ever, apparently) strolling on through one of the outdoor dining areas at Mar-a-Lago. Given that it is a “club,” an enclave for the wealthy, it has a restaurant, and supporters were out having dinner. The two of them were greeted as if Bono and Queen Elizabeth had unexpectedly shown up for dinner.

From here, we’ll leave it to the invaluable Daily Mail [1] to describe the scene:

‘Mr. President!’ one supporter is heard to shout, as the club members cheer and applaud, some rising to their feet.

Barron, 15, was noticeably absent from Trump’s farewell address on his final day in office, and Melania has been vocal in her protection of the young teen from public scrutiny.

The Daily Mail then went on to describe Trump’s latest crusade, to get his MAGAs to boycott the companies that are currently boycotting Georgia. It is almost like Trump doesn’t know that these companies are stuffed with business savants. These companies plotted out Trump’s obvious reaction over a month ago and know they will benefit from their actions, not from Trump’s puffed-up threats.

Oh, and about half of Trump’s threats involve companies that don’t sell shit to real people, which is kind of a sucky boycott.

It came after Trump called for boycotts of MLB, Coca-Cola and Delta over the companies’ stances against Georgia’s new voting law, which President¬†Joe Biden [2] has called ‘Jim Crow on steroids.’¬†Now Trump is calling for boycotts of JP Morgan, ViacomCBS, Cisco, UPS and Merck, all of which have signaled opposition to the new Georgia law to some extent.

Yeah. Maybe the average MAGA could short $35 million in stock? Buy fewer $225,000 network servers? Refuse to take any medicine made by a global conglomerate? Viacom? Good luck even figuring out what Viacom does nowadays. We dunno. We do know that all of these companies knew this was coming. Unlike Trump, real businesses don’t just wildly swing away.

But Trump and Melania are apparently still speaking, we guess. They did wander out together and we would’ve thought Mel would be gone by now. Interesting. There is that. They got a standing ovation by whoever is left at the club. Barron is still MIA. (Imagine any of the Obamas or Bushes managing to almost never be pictured with their son-daughter?) And, Trump is calling on his supporters to boycott companies that deal only with other Fortune 500 companies around the globe.¬† Nice work, Biff.

Peace, y’all
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