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Psaki Pulls Out Her Signature Slam After Reporter Questions Biden’s Easter Plans: ‘Do You Have Another Question?’

It is kind of cool to think about the number of people who watch Jen Psaki and immediately think about the best teachers they ever had, maybe not your “favorite” teacher, maybe not the “cool” teacher, but – by far – the best teacher, the one that helped you help yourself. Those are the teachers we remember and Jen Psaki has many of the same tools.

We just wonder if the White House Press Corps has lost the ability to learn. We are not patronizing the White House press. They are some of the most elite reporters in the world and they sit in that room daily. But that’s the point, they sit in that particular room and there is a ton of pressure to get their quote, their statement, and get back out in front of the camera, it’s their job. With all that pressure, it is tough to pay attention to what they’re being taught. We have the luxury of breaking it down afterward. We have the easier task, and so it’s easy to see Jen working.

Jen is teaching them about limits, boundaries, and efficiency, while also doing her job. Her job often involves confrontation because facts are tricky things. She has developed a signature slam to teach the reporters when to simply move on. She is not patronizing, no – that was Kayleigh’s thing. She is helping them learn.

Below, Jen taught reporters about limits in asking about the Bidens’ personal family plans for Easter and their compliance with CDC recommendations. She pulled out what is quickly becoming a signature tool, the Psaki slam, to reinforce that this administration draws lines.

Q Thanks, Jen. I have a couple quick questions. I wanted to ask about the President’s Easter plans because he said on his phone call with faith and family community leaders that he would probably get together with family for Easter because they’ve all been vaccinated.

So what kind of message is that sending if he’s asking Americans not to have small gatherings until the Fourth of July, but he’s saying he’ll be with family for Easter? So can you clarify how big “family”?

MS. PSAKI: Well, I don’t have a specific number of family members, but I can assure you that the President is — strives to be a role model in every aspect of how he’s living in this difficult time we’re all going through.

He obviously has a wife he’s been married to for some time. He has a couple of grandkids who he sees when he goes to Delaware. But it’s a limited group, and certainly not the big Irish Biden clan that many of you have seen throughout the course of his time in public office.

Q So all his immediate family have been vaccinated?

MS. PSAKI: I don’t have any more updates on his immediate family.

Did you have another question?

We do not believe for a minute that Jen lied. When she said she did not have any more “updates,” she didn’t say that she didn’t know, nor did she say she did know. She said she didn’t have any more updates. She is not authorized to share anything further and won’t share anything further. She will not go further, and she let them know they reached the line:

Did you have another question… (One that I can help you with?)

Peace, y’all
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