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Social Media Furious That Matt Gaetz is Still a Congressman While Al Franken Was Forced to Resign for Much Less

If it wasn’t clear already, Matt Gaetz’s continued presence as a serving Congressman, one on the judiciary committee, is inarguable proof that the GQP is dying by the hour as a legitimate “political party.” There are not only credible “accusations” that Matt Gaetz committed one of the most horrendous crimes on the books, there is a confession written by his co-conspirator. And yet we haven’t heard anything from Kevin McCarthy except to note that if Gaetz is arrested, then McCarthy might be forced to do something. “Forced.”

Al Franken resigned his senate seat over a totally inappropriate photo and some intolerable harassment. We don’t condone it, obviously. But something is very wrong when one party will call on Al Franken to resign, and Franken has the integrity to do it, while the other can be accused of paying an underage girl and… and not only have Matt Gaetz refuse to budge, but the GQP won’t even remove him from committees.

McCarthy is paralyzed because McCarthy knows that Matt Gaetz is a made man in MAGA world and no one messes with a Matt Gaetz… unless Matt gets arrested. Trump rules the GQP so ferociously that Gaetz is actually about to go on “tour” with Marjorie Taylor-Greene to call out “RINOs.” Say it again, Gaetz is about to go on tour as a proud member of the MAGA GQP, and no one in the Republican party is doing anything about it.

Franken is in Minnesota.

Twitter has noticed the different “dynamic” between the two parties and wasn’t in the mood on Friday night to deal with anything else.

No. It wasn’t a “funny” picture. It was a terrible decision. Was it terrible enough to shatter the political career of a decent guy? One can argue both sides. There is only one side to the Matt Gaetz issue and McCarthy is on the predator’s side.

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Correct. It only requires you to condemn Matt Gaetz while noticing the “difference” between the two political parties. One made up of earnest, if fallible, adults. The other made up of people wanting to please Donald Trump so badly they’ll look the other way when… a child!



Now, again, there is no reason to give Franken a pass. He made his own decisions. Matt Gaetz, however, used a young girl that the law prohibits from making her own decisions (with a man Matt’s age) and we write such laws precisely because there are Matt Gaetz’s in the world who will abuse girls emotionally and physically.

One doesn’t need to have a young teen daughter to be infuriated right now but it sure seems to make it cut even deeper.

Peace, y’all
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