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Trump Called on Supporters to Boycott Diet Coke: Check Out What He Tried to ‘Hide’ on His Desk

Maybe this is why Trump also called for a boycott of Cisco, it is hard to be pictured with a server, or JP Morgan, because it’s even harder to picture Trump with money in the bank.

As we reported this morning, Donald Trump is quite upset that some of America’s titans of industry, including two giant companies headquartered in Atlanta, were penalizing the state of Georgia. Trump is still convinced that he won the 2020 election because the alternative is simply unpossible!

But Trump did lose and that is why Georgia reformed its laws (and Arizona, and several other states with red-state government) in a manner designed to limit certain voters, specifically, city folk, “those people,” and college kids, the elderly, and pretty well everyone who isn’t a white male. Additionally, Georgia didn’t reform its election procedures to make them more accurate and open. So a lot of people complained. So many people complained, even corporate America had to take action.

The two Atlanta-based companies, Delta and Coke, came out (eventually) against the legislation. Donald Trump called for a boycott of both Delta and Coke,(Along with JP Morgan, Viacom, Cisco…) and all of this is ironic because the left had already threatened to boycott Delta and Coke. It is also typical Trump. Delta and Coke might have been caught off guard when the left was infuriated by the legislation. But when they decided to oppose the legislation, they knew what was coming from Trump and these companies had already factored it in.

But did Trump come up with some sort of curveball, did he do something that maybe they didn’t see coming? Did he put any thought into it? He did about as much work as he did for this picture, the one in which is “slightly” hid the bottle of … you guessed it, Diet Coke. Trump didn’t see it coming.


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We wonder why his presidency failed.

Peace, y’all
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