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Trump Gives Out Parenting Advice With a Thinly Veiled Swipe at Joe Biden and Son Hunter

Former President Donald Trump repeated one of his typical refrains in a recent interview by offering parenting advice as a way to criticize Hunter Biden, whose memoir, Beautiful Things, is scheduled for release on Tuesday.

But for anyone who knows anything about Trump, this isn’t really a caring father speaking here. This is a man who uses every attempt that he possibly can to steal the spotlight for himself. That’s all he’s doing here. He continually slammed Hunter Biden and his father President Joe Biden while the 2020 presidential election was in full swing, and all Trump is doing here is taking another swipe at the new first family.

Trump doesn’t have an honest bone in his body and he had ample opportunity to do so during the interview with Gina Loudon, co-chair of Women for Trump 2020, who asked him a series of rather pedestrian questions, The Washington Examiner reports. At one point she asked how he raised such exemplary children (insert eye roll here.)

“I think you have to give them a lot of attention,” Trump told Loudon. “I always, also, you can have good children, but if they start with the dr*gs, alcohol, cigarettes … I’ve said it for years to them. So far, it’s had a pretty good impact.”

Well, he might have encouraged his kids to stay away from substances and alcohol, but more than a few people have suggested this hasn’t worked with his oldest son, Donald Trump Jr. I have no idea whether he’s using, but there’s been more than a few times where he appears really out of it.

And these “fine children” (Loudon’s words) thanks to dear old dad, have learned to steal from charities — including one dedicated to fighting childhood cancer and another devoted to caring for dogs in need of homes.

Trump, who has five children as a result of three marriages, was spotted hitting the links at his Palm Beach golf club, with his youngest son, 15-year-old Barron, and granddaughter Kai. While it’s nice that he’s doing this his constant slamming of Hunter Biden is definitely not nice.

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And raising children who learn by your example to take advantage of others, especially those in desperate need, is not any better than raising kids who have problems with illegal substances.

Hunter Biden has made plain his struggles with dr*gs and alcohol, a situation made worse by the loss of his brother Beau to brain cancer. While he still has to deal with that every day, he takes pride in his daughters.

“I’m a 51-year-old father who helped raise three beautiful daughters,” he writes in the book’s prologue. But he also notes just how damaging his addiction became.

“I’ve bought crack on the streets of Washington, D.C., and cooked up my own inside a bungalow in Los Angeles,” he writes. “I’ve been so desperate for a drink that I couldn’t make the one-block walk between a liquor store and my apartment without uncapping the bottle to take a swig.”

It is a situation that’s taken a serious toll. As someone who has worked as a residential crisis counselor and helped run a su*cide hotline, I can tell you that former users face horrendous challenges as the lives they knew vanish under their feet and Biden suffered his share of tragedies.

“In the past five years alone my two-decades-long marriage has dissolved, g*ns have been put in my face, and at one point I dropped clean off the grid, living in a $59-a-night Super 8 motels off I-95 while scaring my family even more than myself.”

He’s been through the fire and I hope Hunter Biden continues to do well. Trump and his eldest son Donald Trump Jr. keep trying to hurt him for the so-called “laptop scandal,” which as CNN noted is nothing more than a story, and these are two men who, believe me, have no room to talk.


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