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Trump Laughably Claimed That Wife Melania Has Never Had Cosmetic Surgery Before, ‘She’s Perfect’

On a recent podcast, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski discussed former President Donald Trump’s infamous tweet from 2017, in which he claimed Brzezinski was “bleeding badly from a face-lift,” as Brzezinski and her husband Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough visited Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve, The Mercury News [1] reports.

The tweet quickly caught fire and drew criticism from fellow Republicans and reignited concerns surrounding his misogynistic attitudes toward women, attitudes that nearly [2] derailed his campaign in 2016.

During the New Abnormal podcast, hosted by Molly Jong-Fast, Brzezinski opened up about the story surrounding Trump’s tweet. It seems she and Joe were visiting the then-presidential candidate and his wife Melania at their Palm Beach resort on New Year’s Eve, 2016, just days after Brzezinski had a procedure done to reduce wrinkles under her neck.

Brzezinski told Jong-Fast she and Melania were having a private “woman to woman” discussion in the former first couple’s bedroom at Mar-a-Lago, about eight weeks after Trump was elected president.

“Melania was very curious about (the procedure),” Brzezinski said.

But then Trump barged in on the conversation and claimed: “You know, Melania’s had no work done. She’s perfect.”

When Jong-Fast expressed skepticism that the former model never underwent cosmetic surgery, Brzezinski said Trump claimed “She’s very beautiful, and I said (to Melania) You’re very beautiful.”

Then Brzezinski added a little context regarding the odd timing and setting that led to the exchange. She and Scarborough are former friends of Trump during the time of his reality show, The Apprentice, and early in his candidacy they remained friends but the friendship soon soured when he became the Republican presidential nominee.

“He started saying things that were unbelievable,” Brzezinski told Jong-Fast.

Scarborough even hung up on Trump at one point during an on-air conversation, she noted.

Despite this, right after Trump was elected he decided to invite the couple to Mar-a-Lago when he found out they were in Florida where Mika had her surgery.

Brzezinski said she generally dislikes going to events like this but surmised the medication left her feeling a bit loopy, and it may have left her feeling over-confident about attending the party so soon after her surgery. But she and Scarborough were trying to talk to Trump privately, in the hopes of convincing him to give them his first television interview as President. This proved unsuccessful because they weren’t able to gain the necessary alone time to bring up the subject with Trump.

But during the months that followed the MSNBC hosts grew increasingly frustrated with Trump and in June 2017 he lashed out on Twitter, describing Brzezinski as “low I.Q. Crazy Mika,” and then went on to allege she was “bleeding” on New Year’s Eve.

How childish. But this is what Trump does. He’s four years old going on 74. And a photo from the night in question shows Trump’s remarks were completely false.

Trump’s attacks on women were often bombastic. Remember his remarks [6] about Megyn Kelly bleeding from her “wherever?” Trump has never done anything to further the rights of women and it’s a relief that he’s no longer in office.