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Video Explodes on Twitter Showing Trump and Ron DeSantis with Alleged Trafficker in Gaetz Case

Well this was awfully predictable. Eventually, the Gaetz matter would come to encompass Trump, at least to the point of embarrassing Trump, if that’s even possible. Regardless, it has reached the point, where videotape emerged of Trump, DeSantis, and Jason Pirozzolo, a hand surgeon, whose hands are alleged to be involved in a lot of criminal activity. Pirozzolo is apparently “the man” who organizes much of the “Bahamas” subplot of the Gaetz story.

New allegations emerged yesterday and today that Gaetz and others traveled to the Bahamas with various women – escorts, and those trips are being investigated as criminal activities.

According to Rawstory [1]:

Jason Pirozzolo, “allegedly paid for the travel expenses, accommodations, and female escorts,” the report revealed. [2]

Whether the escorts were hired for s*x across state or international lines is part of the investigation by the Justice Department, and it includes both Gaetz and Pirozzolo as part of that probe.

A new development occurred Thursday when an old video was unearthed of then-President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump meeting Pirozzolo as they landed in Orlando in June 2019, months after the now-infamous Bahamas trip. Trump was there to launch his 2020 presidential campaign  [3]with a large rally.

Certainly, a lot of people meet presidents at the airport and none of this means that Trump was in on, or knew of, this scheme. Trump probably did not. It is just a bad look, though not the first time we’ve seen Trump pictured with people who are the focus of a criminal investigation. (Roger Stone? Paul Manafort? Everyone else on his campaign team?)

It is interesting that it was a very small group to meet with then-President Trump. It would be one thing if it was Ron DeSantis and thirty supporters. But no, the greeting party included DeSantis, DeSantis’s wife Casey, and Pirozzolo, which is not incriminating with respect to DeSantis, just – interesting. It is something that might be occupying DeSantis’s mind right now because one generally doesn’t want to be the one guy pictured with a potential felon (and icky crimes) meeting with the president. We are probably safe in assuming that DeSantis’s wife didn’t know anything about it.


The plot thickens. We suspect there is a lot more out there. A lot more. Or, as they say in this part of the woods, “alot” more.

Peace, y’all
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