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Anna Duggar Believes Husband Josh Duggar Was Set Up by Biden for His Child Computer P*rn Charges

As noted by the Hollywood Gossip (so take that as you will), one must think of Anna Duggar as a bit of a victim. She married into a cult and at some point seems to have lost all ability to think for herself. She was also quite young at the time. There are no winners here, but there are some sad losers, the children victimized in Josh’s criminal sickness, all of them.

According to The Sun:

JOSH Duggar’s wife Anna is “in denial and at WAR with her in-laws, Jim Bob and Michelle” after her husband’s shock arrest on child p*rn charges, a source has exclusively told The Sun. The 32-year-old – who is expecting the couple’s seventh child – is said to be standing by Josh and has cut herself off from most of the family after he was busted in Arkansas late last month.

“Jim Bob is telling people she is defending Josh,” the source shared. “And,” the insider continued, Anna is “no longer speaking to most of the family. Jim Bob said she blames him and wife Michelle for Josh’s arrest.”

Sounds to us like the source is “Jim Bob” himself.

“She also thinks that this case is a conspiracy theory against her husband,” the insider revealed. According to the source, Anna believes that Josh was “set up by the Biden.” administration. She believes that if Donald Trump was still in power this would not be happening, and refuses to believe he’s done anything wrong.”

If the charges were not so disgusting and serious we might make a joke about Biden having a little bit more to do than plotting ways to get back at that rival for the public’s attention, Josh Duggar, and that we would keep daughters of any age away from Donald Trump. But the only people, and we mean the only people, that could share a scintilla of the blame here are Josh’s parents (Jim Bob and Michelle) who did nowhere near enough to protect their daughters, the ones Josh victimized. This type of thing should never ever happen (obviously) and yet it seems they covered for him, in part, to protect their baby factory franchise.

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Even without reality television, there is no excuse, none, for having 8-20 children. As far as we’re concerned, in this day and age, it’s tough to justify more than two to three, given the environmental concerns, overpopulation, and expenses in education, etc. Children need individualized love and time from each parent. A boy needs to go fishing with dad, alone (as but one stereotypical example), both parents need to go to a Little League game. Josh Duggar is to blame for his actions and will go to prison for a long time, but one cannot expect a mentally healthy family in that kind of environment.

Meanwhile, Anna married into a cult. We don’t know much about her, but she seems fully subsumed. To the extent that she can no longer think for herself, family services must be contacted to protect the seven children that she already has, who will be raised by a single mother. Jim Bob and Michelle are not the answer to Anna’s coming struggles.

We do know this. Joe Biden is the type of man who would feel very sorry for Anna’s young children and Michelle’s children (We are not familiar with Duggar taxonomy). None of them asked to be brought up in such an atmosphere, and, though we all hope that Josh is the only criminal, each child will need a lot of individual attention from educators and counselors.

God, they are all awful people (not the younger children). But Josh is a monster. To the extent it was inevitable, given his upbringing, he’ll have to take that up with God. Our sympathies lie with the victims of those crimes, the children exploited to provide such material. A part of us has a hard time believing that there are not other victims among those families.

Peace, y’all
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