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Bill and Melinda Gates Announce Their Divorce and People are Shocked

Obviously, not all marriages can be saved, none of us know what goes on behind closed doors, and so long as no one is abused, it is none of our business. Yet we can still be saddened to hear that a partnership that has done a lot for humanity is breaking up. Bill and Melinda Gates announced they are divorcing.

Say whatever one wants about Bill Gates’s business practices and anti-trust issues as Microsoft grew, making him the richest man on earth for a good period of time, there is a less cynical side that should be thankful for the fact that, despite the fact that nothing forced this couple to donate nearly all their wealth and time to alleviate suffering and help those in need all over the world, they did. Of course, they lived without wanting anything. They lived as well as anyone possibly could. But does anyone see any of the MAGA Waltons setting up massive foundations employing experts from around the world to distribute the majority of their money to where it will do the most good for the most people?


So, having established that both are human and they enjoyed their wealth, they were also a damned effective team and actually seemed pretty grounded, all things relative. So their divorce is not good news for the world unless it alleviates some stress that was becoming counterproductive. There is that hope because both pledged to continue their work with the foundation.

“Their fortune.” Yes, he started it. But she absolutely added to the relationship and thus its prosperity.

The above seems to be an honest message about humanity. Money buys unbelievable convenience and security, but not fulfillment or love. Perhaps they will be even more effective in a different sort of partnership now. It is possible. It is our hope.

Twitter was rather shocked:

Peace, y’all
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