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CNN’s Jim Acosta Called Fox News a ‘Bullsh*t Factory’ Live on the Air and It Was PERFECT

Well, that was direct.

It would seem that this country is at a tipping point with regard to the propaganda coming from the Right. Lawsuits from Dominion Voting Systems have put billions of dollars at risk, not just network money but money from the specific hosts, Hannity, Tucker, etc. Additionally, FOX News has lost its monopoly with regard to Right-wing cable mediums, setting up a dangerous dynamic.

The conspiratorial nature of the MAGAs creates competition among the various networks to out conspire the other ones in order to entice an audience that desperately wants its favorite conspiracies covered. Tucker Carlson has one of the single most-watched cable shows on television and he’s attacking the efficacy of the vaccinations against all the evidence and science. Not for nothing but it’s also occurring at this same time that he’s abandoned any effort to hide his disgusting, but dangerous, white nationalism. Tucker is just one example.

So the concerns intersect. The audience wants more bullsh*t conspiracies, while ownership now faces more accountability in courtrooms. If Dominion succeeds (which seems likely), that success will open the door to plaintiff’s lawyers from everywhere to follow their example, from pharmaceutical companies to individuals. But for now, the conspiracy theories and lies are winning out and form the body of their coverage.

Some people are sick of it, including Jim Acosta. Acosta took a big step forward in mainstream cable news. We have never seen it before. He flat called FOX out for its bullsh*t. It is almost stunning:

Rather than everyone high-fiving and laughing, we suggest that the response be nothing more than a nod in gratitude and more focused concern on what got us and him to this level. The country does not need to be further inflamed. On the other hand, the mainstreaming of conspiracy theories must stop. Perhaps derision, in combination with serious litigation (enough to bankrupt companies) is the way to bring it under control.

Regardless, the response was overwhelmingly positive:

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Peace, y’all
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