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George Conway: ‘I Think Rudy Giuliani is in Deep Sh*t’

George Conway is one of the most brilliant and powerful attorneys in Washington, which is quite a statement. The man has also backed his words up on several occasions and has been more right than wrong about the country’s direction under Trump.

We listen to him even on those occasions in which we disagree. We agree entirely with Conway’s most recent statements and we’ve already gone on record stating as such. Conway agrees with us; Rudy is in a world of… trouble. Conway explained his conclusions on the Daily Beast’s Podcast The New Abnormal with Molly Jong-Fast, and we’ll get to the quotes. We first want to share one of Conway’s observations.

Late last week and over the weekend, we wrote that the FBI must have extraordinary evidence on Rudy already because they went over two significant hurdles in getting this warrant. First, they went after an attorney’s information collected in “representing his client.” We have always noted that no privilege, not marital, not doctor-patient, not clergy, none of them apply when the two people involved are talking or working together to commit a crime. The DOJ already has enough information on Rudy to know that his “privileged” information wasn’t privileged. Second, all of this is in the context of representing a president. These are the highest hurdles imaginable and prove that the DOJ has – already – a ton of evidence on Rudy. Conway noted the same during the podcast.

Moving on from there, he and Jong-Fast looked at the situation more globally. We have the transcript from Crooks and Liars:

Jong-Fast asked, “You think Rudy’s not innocent?”

“I think he’s in deep sh*t,” Conway replied.

“They just would not do this all unless they had evidence that there pretty sure was enough to prove a crime.

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He continued, “They got a lot of his electronic materials already, presumably.”

“[Rudy] acts like he’s guilty.”

“He has multiple cell phones and gets them all confused. That’s the sign of somebody who’s scared people are learning about his activities.”

“What Trump did was criminal in Ukraine.”

Last point. We don’t just report Conway’s statements because he has a powerful legal mind. No, as we’ve often said, Conway is also entrenched in the upper echelons of the DC Bar and thus “hears things.” We guarantee that Conway has mentored some of the attorneys involved in this situation (more globally, the entire “Trump thing”) and is colleagues with many of those in charge. He cannot help but pick up things.

It is good to tuck away some of Conway’s statements; Rudy is in “deep sh*t,” and “pretty sure was enough to prove a crime,” let’s all just keep these predictions in the back of our minds.

Peace, y’all
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