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In New Interview Trump Claims He Won’t Decide on Running in 2024 Until 2020 is Settled

A strong case can be made to ridicule Trump’s obsession and plans, but there is another strong consideration that includes watching him very closely with concern and action. For now, we take the latter.

The stakes are just too high and he simply “controls” the minds of 35% of Americans. There has already been violence.

Apparently, there is another very attractive blonde on the MAGA right media landscape who thankfully escaped our attention. This particular requisite gorgeous blonde goes by the name “Dr. Gina.” We have no idea why. Perhaps it’s legitimate. We are skeptical.

Regardless, Dr. Gina had an opportunity to talk to Trump over the weekend and she has the picture/tweet to back it up. According to Dr. Gina, Donald Trump is focused on one thing and one thing alone, the past. He only cares about the 2020 election.

One might say, and many will, “Great! Let him obsess about what he cannot fix!” But this is wrong, in our opinion. If Trump refuses to start planning for 2022 and 2024 and fixates on 2020, it increasingly makes future elections irrelevant. Planning for 2022 and 2024 is a tacit acknowledgement that 2020 is done. He will never say it, but it’s symbolic.

But if the MAGAs will not move past 2020, they are going to claim “Rigged!” in every election they lose. That 35 – 40 % of Americans won’t want elections at all until the winner is known beforehand. We see it already.

This is dangerous and ominous:

One pro-Trump pundit, who works for the far-right media company Real America’s Voice and goes by “Dr. Gina” on Twitter, wrote on Monday that she met with Trump over the weekend and reports that the former president is still obsessing over his defeat in the 2020 election. “I saw 45 this weekend & he stated that he doesn’t want to talk about ’22 or ’24 until 2020 is resolved TO THE SATISFACTION OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!” Dr. Gina tweeted.

Obviously, Trump and his MAGAs won’t declare the American people satisfied until he is declared the winner, which will not happen. Thus it is that elections are never fair unless the MAGA wins. For the purpose of fake “rigged elections,” we must include most Senators and nearly all Republicans in the House as “MAGAs.” We have already seen it.

McCarthy might hate this. Mitch McConnell might hate this. Both of those two want Trump to help in 2022 and ’24 in their races. Hearing that Trump doesn’t care will anger both of them. But it’s still an ominous sign for those of us on the left.

Peace, y’all
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