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Jim Jordan Humiliates Himself and the Country, Uses Hearing on Riots to Ask About… Hillary Clinton

Theoretically, Congress brought in witnesses to talk about the January 6th attempted coup, how it happened, and how to keep it from happening again. It is, to say the least, a worthy topic, right up there with “should we be a democracy?” discussions. Among the guests were former acting A.G. Jeffery Rosen, who led the Justice Department on January 6th. There are a lot of legitimate questions regarding what role, if any, Trump asked the A.G. to play that day, whether Trump made calls to Justice, whether the FBI was dispatched, among many others.

Of course, the MAGAs would rather talk about their medical histories than they would January 6th. The MAGAs are running so hard from January 6th and their role in it, they would rather talk graphically about their past romantic relationships (which are, admittedly, likely more boring than their medical histories and may be related). Thus it was that Gym Jordan was provided time to talk about an attempted coup on the United States government and used said time to talk about… Hillary Clinton.

Yes. He did.

Jordan’s theory is that the Democrats are being too mean in blaming the MAGAs for objecting to the 2020 election and for calling the 2020 election illegitimate. Jordan brought up that certain members of Congress objected to electoral counts in 2016, while conveniently leaving out that Hillary called Trump the day after the election and conceded while congratulating Trump, that no one brought court cases against the Trump campaign to contest the election, there was no “alternate Electoral College” in 2016 and, most importantly, while those few objections were being registered, Hillary Clinton was not outside on the Mall telling her voters to fight like hell or they won’t have a country anymore. Meanwhile, Democrats didn’t attempt to overthrow the government.

Other than that, 2016 and 2020 are a lot alike and “both sides” people. Gym Jordan is not going to let the Democrats be hypocrites when they were just as bad!

Jim did what Jim does. He brings up irrelevant shit, talks so fast that witnesses wonder what stimulant is in his coffee, “acts” better than most television characters, and that fits. Because to Jim and his voters, this is all a big TV show anyway.

Fortunately, the rest of the country sees right through Jordan and let him know that he didn’t fool anyone:

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Peace, y’all
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