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Joe Scarborough Explodes and Screams About Trump-Conspiracists: They ‘Don’t Give a Damn About Democracy!’

One rarely sees this kind of raw passion and fury on cable television news. Love him or hate him (and there are a lot of people in both camps), Joe Scarborough is so tired of seeing the world’s oldest democracy threatened by a mid-level con man and his cult that he simply couldn’t hold back today.

The Arizona “recount” and all the problems it’s had (and they are countless, to the point that it is humiliating the very people who asked for it), set Scarborough off but he widened his anger from there. His rage is spot on. No military – with the possible exception of the Confederate Army – ever threatened to topple the United States Constitution like Trump’s “army.” And it is all built upon a massive, obvious, lie. Most of the MAGAs likely know it’s a lie but they consider it a legitimate conclusion and choose to believe it. Of the 81 million people who voted for Joe Biden, MAGAs likely believe that 20 million of them are not real legitimate Americans whose vote should count. Ergo, the election was not legitimate.

Joe is just through with these people and the threat they pose. LINK:

“You just won’t give a damn for a second about the thing that symbol stands for! Madisonian democracy. The Constitution of the United States. The people’s house. The center of democracy. Not just in America, but across the globe,” Scarborough exclaimed. “So you’re going to freak out over somebody not paying enough respect for a symbol, but you’re just going to — I’ll just say, throw dirt all over everything that symbol represents!”

Steve Schmidt, the former conservative Republican and now registered Democrat said it best. If conservatives have a choice between giving up power or giving up democracy, they will give up democracy every time.

And Joe knows it, too. He wants them gone.

Do you think that Rudy Giuliani will eventually flip on Trump and testify against him?

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