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MAGA House Leadership Have Targeted Liz Cheney as Disloyal and Dangerous: Cheney Responds Perfectly

Liz Cheney refuses to adopt the mandatory MAGA dogma, The Big Lie. The MAGA party is now obligated to punish Cheney as much as legally possible. They will toss her from leadership (Probably promote an obedient token woman), bury her committee assignments, and then work to primary her. Party over country.

Liz Cheney doesn’t care. She cares about her position, which is that The Big Lie is the biggest threat to democracy. Any good progressive is now supposed to be obligated to say “Liz Cheney is not our friend, she may take the right position now but… ” We might have even noted it at some point. But right now, with regard to this country’s future? The courageous and patriotic Liz Cheney is damned well our friend. How can we argue policy if the country’s democracy doesn’t survive?

Under Cheney’s statement, we have included responses that are pure fascism, terrifying fascism. The victimized right is positive that their “election” was stolen from them. In reality, what they’re actually claiming, is that their right to rule was stolen from them. This is fascism and it’s terrifying. Democracy is barely holding on.

Cheney wants democracy to survive and in this context, we must support her fight against the Big Lie MAGAs. She has met the inevitable punishment unapologetically, with strong clarity, and direct conviction. She continues to point out the dangerous conspiracy that has consumed the Trumpers.

She couldn’t be clearer. Two sentences as a direct challenge to “anyone who claims,” meaning the MAGA leadership. She is going to expose them as much as possible. A great description of the context below:

The responses on Twitter are fairly predictable, the MAGAs get defensive and vicious and citizens rooted in citizenship and facts support her no matter how weird. We start with a typical MAGA leader’s response to The Big Lie:

Above, says the woman who lost every single lawsuit in which the judges asked for any proof. And the requisite MAGA viciousness:

Hilarious, below. There was no evidence, judges kept telling Trump’s lawyers. They invited the campaign to show them the evidence.

Below, the litmus test:

Yeah, Liz Cheney is not a conservative and non-conservatives are traitors. This is fascist language, see below:

And below, to top it off, new MAGA candidates coming, more radical, more fascist.

Peace, y’all
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