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MAGA Senator Infuriatingly Says We Must ‘Move On’ from His Vote to Overturn the Election (No We Do Not)

As near all know, we’re at a critical historical juncture, and the stakes are obvious to everyone. The MAGAs will gladly sacrifice democracy in exchange for power and irrelevant elections.

January 6th was the most significant attack on our Constitution since the Civil Rights movement and possibly back to the Civil War. There is absolutely no doubt that we’re in a Cold Civil War, one that got hot on January 6th. But because it is far safer for the MAGA leaders to wash over the failed coup, they are desperately trying to simply “move on.” By doing so, they’re making January 6th “okay,” and setting us up to go through it again, or much worse.

Senator Roger Marshall from Kansas voted to overturn the election, or – at least, “study the results” more. He is, quite obviously, one of the people most responsible for the attempted coup. His own vote was part of the coup and Trump wanted Pence to go along with this plan. Marshall was part of a group that wanted to set democracy aside for Putin-like fascism. It also resulted in the Secret Service rushing the Vice President out of our own Capitol to save his life for doing his job. But no matter.

He says we are “just so ready to move on.”

Why are we ready to move on? How does the country benefit from “moving on”? The country clearly does not. If Marshall was committed to democracy, he could easily say that he has no problem with investigating the matter and considering it. He could say that he still believes he did the right thing but he is fine with an investigation of the violence and continued threat. It would be easy.

Nope. The MAGA politicians – and the rioters – must wipe themselves clean from any association with the hot side of the Cold Civil War. Marshall’s attitude invites this war to get hot again. It serves “the party’s” purpose (Which means Trump and only Trump) and the fact that it severely damages the country is the country’s problem. The party is not the country.

We do NOT want to move on. We move on at our peril.

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