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Melania Trump Had a Birthday (and Tweeted About It) and Once Again Husband Donald Totally Ignored It

Melania Trump’s recent birthday on April 26 was a rather quiet affair, enough so that even her husband, former President Donald Trump didn’t send a public message wishing her a happy birthday.

The couple has been spending their days at Mar-a-Lago since Trump left office in January and the former first lady keeps separate quarters from her husband. Sources say Melania is happy now that she’s no longer residing in the White House, Latin Times [1] reports. As I’ve noted before, she frequents the spa there and enjoys opulent lunches, and is said to be working on her “Be Best” campaign, which she started while in the White House.

The morning after her birthday, Melania took to Twitter to thank people for the birthday wishes, but owing to her love of privacy, kept things short, according to People [2] magazine.

“Thank you to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes!” she wrote.

While Donald Trump didn’t publicly acknowledge her birthday, he did use the occasion two days before to encourage supporters to sign a digital birthday card for her, which was a thinly disguised effort to relieve said supporters of their money, DailyStar [4] reports. In an email Sunday, which featured his typical shouty capital letters, he wrote:

“We know how much the First Lady means to YOU so we’re going to give you ONE MORE CHANCE to sign her card, but you must ACT FAST!”

But when people clicked on that, instead of being directed to an affectionate message for Melania, they were directed to a page that encouraged them to donate a sizable chunk of money to the Republican Party once they signed the card. And of course, the recommended amount is $100 and that box was conveniently checked off. The page also features a photo of Melania, with a caption that reads:

“We are working hard to defend the Trump legacy from Biden and the Radical Left, but we need you to join us!”

“We only need a few more donations today to stay on track will you quickly step up and help close the gap?”

Some notable people on Twitter, including Walter Shapiro, [5] who writes for the New Republic and Roll Call, to have a few thoughts on the subject:

And as expected many folks on Twitter had something to say to Melania regarding her birthday. Some were nice:

While some had other things to say: