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Michael Cohen Says Trump Will Try to ‘Throw Rudy Under the Bus’ After Feds Seizes all His Devices

We made a New Year’s resolution to never use the tired cliche “under the bus” again. We would move on to “thrown to a pit of vipers” or whatever occurred to us at the time. But for right now, in covering Michael Cohen’s firm beliefs, there is no getting around it.

It also happens to be wholly accurate. Cohen says Rudy is on his own now. Trump will use everything he can to destroy Rudy in order to protect himself. Trump will throw Rudy under the massive Trump bus.

Cohen appeared on MSNBC and said exactly what we opined earlier last week. The Feds wouldn’t find any Trump texts or emails to Rudy. Trump is too savvy about being sued and possible criminal investigations. Trump knows not to put “evidence” out into the air. But Rudy was reckless enough to spread everything Trump had said and what Trump wants. It is also worth remembering that Rudy talked about an “insurance policy” even when Trump was in office.

It will all be hearsay, but it’s hearsay that can lead investigators directly to facts proving Trump’s actions and orders.

Cohen then moved on:

“If Rudy doesn’t cooperate, he’s a bigger fool than I even thought he was because Donald Trump is going to throw him under the bus the same that he did to me. The difference is Rudy will do a 5K-1 Agreement, something I won’t do.”

(A 5K-1 agreement is a sentencing issue. One pleads guilty then begs for a lesser sentence due to helping the prosecution out a great deal. The Feds support the lesser sentence. We aren’t sure why Cohen is bragging about not helping the prosecution, but we fully agree with Cohen. Rudy will help the prosecution as much as possible.)

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Mine was a campaign finance violation and Rudy’s [legal problem] is more significant. Rudy potentially involved himself in national security issues whereas mine was a campaign violation that I was never part of the campaign. I didn’t do a 5K-1 cooperation agreement. I just cooperated because I refused to be the villain of Donald Trump’s story — I wasn’t going to let history portray me that way.

We have no interest in why Cohen did anything. He is almost surely right about Rudy doing everything to save his own skin and more importantly, Rudy does face damned serious charges.

Cohen’s overall point is that there is about to be a war between Guiliani and Trump. Trump will blame Rudy for absolutely everything and deny that he ever did a thing. Trump will offer up Rudy’s hide for meddling in the country’s interests. Rudy knows this and will desperately talk about everything. The Feds have a procedure where they sit a defendant down in a room for a day and that defendant must answer anything and everything asked. One lie or one evasion yanks the agreement. Rudy will definitely dump on Trump.

The larger point is that everyone seems to agree that Rudy is done trying to protect Trump and would screw it up even if he tried. But he’s not going to try, there is likely one way Rudy remains out of prison and that is by spilling his guts and putting everything out there.

Frankly, Rudy should do it. Trump is about to blame anything and everything “Russian” solely upon Rudy as a very convenient excuse to brush off all Russian concerns.

Both parties deserve whatever the fallout might be.

Peace, y’all
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