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New Lincoln Project Ad Humiliates Trump and He Will Be Enraged, ‘A Little Bowl for Little Hands’

The Lincoln Project certainly serves as a profit center for its partners. But they also dedicate themselves to relentlessly pounding Trump, post-election, in what is normally the downtime.

But as everyone knows, things are dangerously far from normal. The future of the American Right is on the line and the pols on the Right continue to rig laws in order to rig elections. It is critical to continue to divide the Right by any means possible and grab that 30% that don’t believe the big lie and therefore might see Trump as dangerous.

So, what to do?

Because the party begins and ends with Trump, pierce his addled head by playing on his obvious and dangerous paranoia, while also taking shots at his vanity to get his attention. That’s LP’s strategy.

According to Rawstory [1], LP’s communication’s director Ryan Wiggins released a statement noting some of the group’s views:

“Donald Trump can throw all the temper tantrums from Mar-a-Lago all he wants, calling for McConnell’s ouster as the head of the GOP, but the truth is, the party is no longer Trump’s to control.

With the raid on Rudy Giuliani [2] this week and his other close ally, Congressman Matt Gaetz, making headlines [3] for all of the wrong reasons, it’s only a matter of time before all of Trump’s dark secrets come to light and everyone else turns on him, too.”

Tying Trump to Gaetz is both obvious and an absolute winner. As for “matter of time before Trump’s secrets come to light”? We have often predicted the same, and not once been right. We still believe it will happen eventually and the Giuliani raid certainly creates real possibilities. But still, we aren’t sure it will happen soon enough to derail 2022 and 2024. It is our fervent hope but we’ve learned to be somewhat skeptical.

Regardless, the ad pounds on the possible division between Trump and McConnell while also poking hilarious fun at Trump’s vanity:

Peace, y’all
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