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Now It Gets Real: Cheney Says McCarthy ‘Absolutely’ Should Testify Before a January 6th Truth Committee

It is tragic that here we sit, about to enter summer, and a commission to establish what happened on January 6th, down to the minute, who was responsible for what, has not been established. It was shocking that the Bush administration fought the 9-11 Commission, most people forget. It was shocking that Bush and Cheney only agreed to testify on the same day, at the same time, not under oath, and only for an hour (or some very short period). Very few people remember that component, which fed conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory, at least about what they knew. Their resistance and demands likely had more to do with exposing incompetence more than anything sinister.

This feels different. The resistance to forming a January 6th truth commission (all of it coming from Republicans) feels meant to cover up something much more sinister. Liz Cheney seems to sense the same because she also believes there needs to be a commission (Interesting that the one Republican not under Trump’s control believes that the truth needs to come out but the rest are resisting it, yes?). She also wants Mike McCarthy on the witness stand. Jon Karl from ABC interviewed Liz Cheney on the matter:

KARL: Now the Speaker, along with at least one Republican—key Republican—announced an agreement on a commission to look into what happened on January 6. Should Kevin McCarthy be willing to speak—testify before that commission? After all, he is one of the few people that we know of that was actually talking to Donald Trump while the attack was taking place.

CHENEY: He absolutely should, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he were subpoenaed. I think that he very clearly, and said publicly, that he’s got information about the president’s state of mind that day. The elements of that commission are exactly as they should be. I’m very glad they rejected Leader McCarthy’s suggestions that somehow we should dilute the commission. It’s really important that it be focused just on January 6 and the events leading up to it.

KARL: So you would welcome a subpoena for Kevin McCarthy to testify to that committee?

CHENEY: I would anticipate that, you know—I would hope he doesn’t require a subpoena, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he were subpoenaed.

As we’ve said for quite some time, Liz Cheney is on our side – strange as it is – when we call the “side,” the side of democracy.

Do you think that Rudy Giuliani will eventually flip on Trump and testify against him?

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