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Rep. Tim Ryan Tears Into Republicans Over Jan. 6 Vote: ‘What Else Has to Happen?!’

One might say that every day is a difficult day to be a GOP MAGA but today was one of the worst.

It started with an announcement that the Dear Leader of the party is facing a criminal investigation led by the Attorney General in the State of New York and the Dear Leader himself then proceeded to humiliate the entire MAGA movement with a 910-page essay on why he’s treated worse than everyone on earth.

From there, word got out that President Barack Obama, beyond closed doors, called Trump a “racist, sexist, pig,” and a “corrupt motherf***er,” which is entirely accurate, and everyone in the GOP knows it.

Then the GOP found its leaders voting against the formation of a January 6th truth commission, only to receive a letter from the actual Capitol Police Department expressing its disappointment (disgust). And then it ended, (it’s actually not yet over as of this writing) with a courageous burst of outrage of the type rarely seen on the floor of either branch of Congress. Put simply, Representative Tim Ryan went off on the GOP with some impassioned truth, not one word of which was partisan, only outrage:

We will present the grand finale, which ended with Ryan shouting and pointing to the Republican side:

“Benghazi, you guys chased the former SoS all over the country, spent millions of dollars. We have people scaling the Capitol, causing harm to our Capitol Police, and we can’t get bipartisanship. What else has to happen in this country?!”

“We need two political parties in this country that recognize reality and you ain’t one of them.

Watch, and appreciate this, because it was both earned, and the right thing to do:

Peace, y’all
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