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Stop Lying If You Want ‘Kumbaya,’ CNN Host Pamela Brown Slams the GOP and It’s Amazing

We have long been on record noting that CNN’s Pamela Brown is one of the most serious, most analytical, and most courageous political analysts on cable and should be given what she’s earned and what the audience needs, a far bigger platform during the week.

Brown demonstrated exactly why her work is necessary over the weekend. On Saturday she interviewed MAGA Kansas Senator Roger Marshall, who responded to questions about January 6th and his role with his vote. Marshall dodged, saying that the country wants to “so move on” from that topic. Brown either didn’t have the time allotted for her comeback or had prepared for a more substantive answer because she wasn’t able to blast back at Marshall on Saturday during the interview.

But she didn’t let it go, either. On her Sunday show, likely watched by a wider audience, Brown set an example for all cable news analysts by setting the record straight from her own interview. She buried Marshall’s cowardly answer:

We would all love to heal and move on from this shameful episode of our country, but here’s the thing, the reality is Republicans and their followers have not moved on from the election. Case in point, the officials who enabled it or are complicit with their silence should be held accountable.

In Arizona, as you see in this video right here, Republicans are still trying to overturn the 2020 results and fuel paranoia with a partisan audit of ballots after two prior audits already found no issues and only confirmed the results — the fact that Trump lost that state. Well, this year, Republicans in almost every single state legislature have introduced new voting restrictions. And they’re using lies like ‘rampant voter fraud’ to justify the measures.

She then reminded everyone that the person who most refuses to move on is Trump himself, who brings up the big lie every single time he speaks, whether to a crowd or in a statement. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Brown took it to another level with a strong summary:

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The same GOP propaganda that led to a deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol, as you see, it has not gone away. That’s why I challenge every single Republican I have on the show who voted to overturn the election. They don’t get to have everybody sing kumbaya until they stop repeating the same baseless claim that caused this.

Should Brown have been ready and able to blast all those facts back at Marshall during her interview? Sure, it would have been better. But it might have simply been a matter of time or another consideration. She is human. But unlike the vast majority of host/analysts, she recognized the lingering issue and had the courage to go back to the interview and provide the audience with the larger context missed the day before.

She is 100% correct in noting that the MAGAs are the ones refusing the let the election go. By refusing to let Marshall’s dodge linger, she showed her commitment, work ethic, and intellectual firepower. We want her voice and her analysis heard throughout the week on a bigger platform… as soon as possible. Watch below:

Peace, y’all
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