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Ted Cruz Sends Another Asinine Tweet in an Attempt at Partisan Humor: Twitter Again Destroys Him

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

In what now seems obligatory, we say again that everything written about Cruz for at least the last twelve years (Until this year) noted that he was both the biggest asshole in the senate, ever, and also so smart it made one want to abandon all faith in humanity. Well, perhaps there is some hope, perhaps there is some karma, maybe some higher power watching down that also hates Ted Cruz and wants to nail the bastard a few times.

If we sound hardened and hateful, it’s because, as applied to Ted Cruz, we are.

One would think that after this particular year, a very smart senator would decide it is time to pull back a bit, pump the brakes, get a tiny grip. Again, as smart as Ted may be, he’s also a world-class dumbass and his own worst enemy.

At a point in time when maybe it would be okay to just put out a supportive tweet as applied to NYC, especially after it was an early and awful COVID target, Ted determined he best do the opposite. This was wholly unnecessary:

Again, a smart senator might have said, “Yes, the entire country is making a comeback,” or something proving that for just ten seconds, Cruz could set aside that he hates anything determined to be “Un-MAGA” and just be an American. Or, if that’s too hard, how about just shutting the fffff up for an hour?

But the news to cover is that this one really really got the net into a boil with Cruz himself trending at the top:

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Just a jackass.
Peace, y’all
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