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Trump Issues Statement Saying He’s Appropriating ‘The Big Lie’ to Refer to His Election Loss and Humiliation Ensues

It is often very difficult to determine the few Trump statements that should be covered. Most are just trash and disappear into the ether. But when Trump puts out trash that dramatically impacts the future of democracy, continuing to demand that his cult reject democracy and reject President Biden, it requires our attention.

Everyone knows that Trump will go to his grave claiming he won in 2020. Any alternative results in a narcissistic injury beyond his comprehension. Losing is the ultimate public rejection, the ultimate humiliation (to him), and simply impossible. He told us before the election. He could only lose if the election was rigged.

The fact that 70%(!) of Republicans believe him, thus making our president illegitimate, is both breathtaking and hair-raising.

Trump knows he must keep that 70%, perhaps even grow it. He needs them. When the results were announced in November, Trump allowed the country to fall into pieces and incited an attempted coup because it consumed him. It still consumes him. It consumes him such that he tried, today, to “rebrand” what the left calls his Big Lie, by giving it a new name, an easier name, something more penetrating.

He told his followers to now refer to the “rigged election” as the “The Big Lie.”

As seen below, many Democrats believe that Trump just humiliated himself by stupidly adopting the Democrats’ “brand.” We certainly can mock it, too, and heap humiliation on him. But as we do, we should consider this. It is entirely possible that Trump purposefully chose “our brand” in order to make it meaningless. If both sides are calling it “The Big Lie,” then it’s impossible to know “which side” is saying it.

Trump is no genius. But it’s possible he came up with this idea on his own. But it is also entirely possible that Trump gets “help,” or “suggestions” from others who are better at propaganda and public manipulation. Call them old friends with accents. It is possible.

Regardless, the hilarity ensued:

And too many others to post. Click on any to skim the laughter, but remain skeptical.
Peace, y’all
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