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Trump Considering Becoming Speaker of the House in 2023 (Seriously) and Yes, It’s Possible

Evidently, one doesn’t have to be a member of Congress to be voted in as Speaker of the House. (One doesn’t have to be a lawyer to be named to the Supreme Court, either).

Anyone reading the above about the House will know what’s coming. Yes, Donald Trump is intrigued by the idea of becoming Speaker of the House in 2023. This, of course, assumes that the Republicans win back the majority in the House, something they are favored to do. The party out of power often makes big gains in the off-year election. Additionally, the Republicans recently passed voter suppression laws throughout the United States. Last, the new census allowed the Republicans to gerrymander the nation’s states even further. As difficult as it may be for Democrats to swallow, it is likely that the Republicans will be running the House in 2023. (Expect two impeachments of Joe Biden, too. The GOP is not about to allow the Democrats to impeach the MAGA president without impeaching Biden for something.)

So now the Washington Post [1] reports:

“One adviser said some have urged Trump to withhold his support for McCarthy to be the next speaker of the House if Republicans retake the chamber in 2022, and the former president has appeared intrigued by the idea,”

“Why not focus on the biggest, brightest brass ring in politics and the Republican Party between now and 2024, which is who should be speaker when, with Donald Trump’s help, Republicans take the House?”

“Others close to both Trump and McCarthy, however, said they believe Trump will ultimately have little choice but to support McCarthy for speaker should Republicans regain the House.”

There is almost no doubt in our minds that the office is there for the taking if Trump wants it. On the other hand, Trump would need to delegate out 99% of the duties because the speakership requires knowing some complex rules and parliamentary savviness. Moreover, Trump needs Kevin McCarthy to give his full effort to win the House back and McCarthy will feel stabbed in the back (again) if Trump withholds his support. Last, does Trump really want any job that isn’t the number one job in America? Do the Republicans want an empty seat behind President Biden during the State of the Union? Because there seems little chance Trump would stand there and announce someone else as “the President of the United States!” It would look petty, vindictive, and unpatriotic, we suppose it will look like Trump.

We doubt it happens and only Donald Trump would even consider it. But perhaps Barack Obama should float his name for the job and thus drive Democratic voter turnout?

Peace, y’all
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