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Tucker Carlson Calls Barack Obama ‘Some Creepy Old Guy’ and People are FURIOUS

We will start with a simple observation: If America had to point to an ex-president who qualified as a “creepy old guy,” Barack Obama would not be anywhere near the top.

Tucker Carlson has always been an ass and has always said outrageous things to draw attention to himself. But it has only been of late that Tucker has become dangerously outrageous by adopting the conspiratorial bent of the MAGA-Right and also viscerally outrageous in his attacks on President Biden. Now, Tucker has chosen to attack on the most popular man on Earth, President Obama.

Tucker called President Obama “Some Creepy Old guy.”

Why? Because President Obama took advantage of the fact that he remains the most popular guy on earth, especially among college and high school students, and made a cool video explaining that it’s now time for all young people to get vaccinated. To which every single decent human being would say, “Nice. Good idea. Spread the word, and thank you President Obama.”

But not Tucker. Tucker has not only been feeding the fears of the “Anti-Vaxx” crowd, but he is also now helping to grow that group, increasing the number of people backing away from the vaccine. Tucker Carlson, again, is using his chair in a way that will result in people dying. We repeat, he’s doing it “again,” because this isn’t his first round.

Tucker Carlson may make his own slice of America happy by going after President Obama with the cheapest of cheap shots, but he’s now enraged just about everyone else. Watch this sh*t and watch Obama’s video, which is the least creepy thing in this entire matter. “Hey guys, it’s Barack! I want to tell you…” It is not creepy.

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STFU, Tucker. It is not “medicine,” and we do have extremely good research to help us “understand.” Moreover, we require children to get vaccinated for many other things in order to go to school. Last, and most important, despite what we may or may not understand about the vaccine, we definitely understand COVID’s acute impact. The biggest unknown is COVID’s impact down the road. After all, chickenpox sits in the body an entire lifetime and then causes shingles. Who saw that coming? We don’t know what COVID could do.

But it’s the “creepy” sh*t that has people really up in arms.

Unbelievable. For some reason, this seems to anger a lot of us far more than most of the sh*t Tuck spews. Perhaps it’s the ultimate combo, a bit of racism, a bit of hatred, a bit of pompous entitlement, and a bit of damned serious danger, all wrapped up in a couple of sentences.

Peace, y’all
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