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Twitter Rakes Josh Hawley Hard: Blames ‘Power Outage’ for Being the Reason He Was Cancelled From Hannity’s Show

One might be tempted to laugh and feel free to give in to the temptation as one reads about Josh Hawley’s troubles reaching MAGVANA, an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show. The show on which he didn’t technically appear, despite announcements to the contrary.

It used to be that networks competed to get the best politicians for interviews, giving the network credibility going forward. With the MAGAs it is the polar opposite. Appearances on Tucker and Hannity are the coin of the realm in MAGA land and they are handed out only to the deserving… most likely decided by one Florida man.

Thus, it was that yesterday, Hawley tweeted out that he would be appearing on Tucker later that night. Of course, because we’re here writing about it, Hawley failed to appear. He got bumped.

We have been led to believe that Hawley is a very very smart guy, Harvard law, SCOTUS clerk, all that. So, this is a situation where a smart guy, someone with a modicum of self-respect, might say, “There was some miscommunication last night and certainly yesterday was a very busy news day and so I understand it was a tough fit. It is too bad we didn’t get a chance to talk. Tucker and his staff have always been great and it’s perfectly understandable. Live television can be tough. I’m sure I’ll be on again soon enough.”

OR, let’s say the power actually did go out. A smart guy would know that very few would believe the lame excuse, and one could say: “Actually, the power went out in the studio, which proved to be a good thing because there was a lot to cover last night and I might have been moved back to another day anyway. So everything worked out fine – expect I apologize to anyone inconvenienced. I’m sure I’ll be on soon enough, they have a great staff.”

BOOM. Done. Either way. It is a non-story. He actually ruined a chance to look pretty good, like a guy comfortable in his own skin. Additionally, we’re certain that Tucker (rhymes with… ) and his staff would be moved by the sincere compliment (they cannot possibly get that many) and Hawley would be moved up that much sooner next time.

But that’s not Josh Hawley and that’s not the MAGA way. One cannot follow Trump if one’s first instinct is, to tell the truth, care about the truth, and be sensitive to the fact that things happen. Instead, like a guy with an IQ matching last night’s temperature in St. Louis at 8:00 p.m., Hawley claimed that there had been a power outage at the studio that kept him off the air.

Except that struck some as strange since Hawley was supposed to be in Washington, and even if he were to be in MO, there was a bit of rain, but nothing that knocks out power. Power outages are also pretty easily proven to be… either real or not.

It appears that Hawley was simply “canceled,” and didn’t have the maturity or self-esteem to admit it. From the beginning:

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