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Viral Video: Angry MAGA Man Goes Off in Costco When Shoppers Refuse to Join His Anti-Mask Rebellion

Yet again, it’s important to accept that one can find video of a single person from any group or any side acting like a complete ass. So one must guard against using one video to say “they’re all like this!” because it’s unlikely to be true and just a cheap shot. But occasionally, one runs into a viral video of someone doing something that is representative of something much bigger and it can be used to “symbolize” the growing problem. Plus, some people film themselves being a jackass and that makes it more instructive.

Here we have a MAGA representing all that’s gone wrong with the entire COVID epidemic and why so many died. Moreover, unbelievably, even though the numbers of COVID victims are plummeting, MAGA efforts to do the wrong thing at every turn have only intensified.

The guy below filmed himself going through COSTCO yelling at customers to join him in some kind of rebellion against masks and to take their masks off in a fight against tyranny. No one did. He responds “You love tyranny! You love tyranny!” … “No more masks! No more masks!”

Actually, we all love breathing. We love being free to breathe. But the customers’ inaction really frustrated MAGA man and he started to get really angry, yelling: “In six months, you’re going to be looking for people like me to stand for you! Where’s the men at?! Where’s the freaking men at that will stand for your liberty?!

Let’s just agree that we will first have to call out attendance before we can talk in six months. Here is the video, remember – he filmed himself.

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As we said, this is so symbolic of everything that will keep this country from achieving herd immunity. Ironically, all these people are doing is assuring themselves that; A) They are the people that will continue to get COVID, B) Their continued resistance will force airlines, mass transit, professional sports venues, theatres, to all require proof of vaccination because the disease remains an issue.

Oh, and C.) It also allows COVID to continue mingling about, ready to mutate, and perhaps more contagious, more dangerous, and rendering vaccines ineffective. This is also why it’s so outrageous.


Peace, y’all
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