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Capitol Rioter Calls on Trump to Pay His Legal Fees: This All Happened Because of You

One man who was arrested earlier this week for his alleged participation in the January 6 riots at the nation’s Capitol building has apparently not learned anything from the situation because he wants former President Donald Trump to pay his legal expenses.

This is hilarious — Trump has largely skipped out on paying his taxes [1] over the years, yet MAGA rioter Zvonimir Jurlina, who was arrested in Austin, Texas, and charged with inciting violence against members of the media who were covering the rioting Trump supporters and for also encouraging the theft of media equipment, is asking Trump to “please pay for my legal fees!” That’s according to Reuters legal journalist Jan Wolfe. [2]

All I can say is I hope this dude is not holding his breath awaiting Trump’s response.

In the video, posted right after his court appearance, Jurlina complained about being a political prisoner” and claimed he was being persecuted for being a “patriot,” Raw Story [5] reports.

“After today I gotta go home, I can’t get in any trouble, I can’t do nothing bad, I can’t do no drugs,” he said.

Then he focused on Trump, who spurred him to participate in the riot.

“I’d like to say to Donald Trump, please pay for my legal fees!” he said. “This all happened because of you, okay? I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

Despite the grammatical inaccuracy of that last sentence, my reaction is really dude? How is it that you believe you did “nothing wrong,” when you and your fellow insurgents destroyed property and perpetrated deadly violence? Now, don’t get me wrong — I’m not trying to say Jurlina participated in the violence. I don’t know if he did or not. And yes, Trump is largely to blame for all of this, but Jurlina chose to take part. He made a conscious decision to get involved. Just as all the other noodniks who were involved made that choice.

That said, I really hope Trump foots the bill for the man’s expenses. I believe that’s about as likely as someone finding an actual unicorn, but who knows — I could be surprised.

Wolfe also posted this, and Twitter responded: