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Chris Cuomo Hammers a MAGA ‘Back the Blue’ Congressman with Direct Question: Why Not Capitol Police?

Chris Cuomo: “Don’t you support the police?”

GOP Rep. Chris Stewart: “Of course I do”

Cuomo: “Then why don’t you want to investigate why a hundred of them got beaten up?”

If someone asked Occam that question, the razor-sharp mind would tell you that the investigation would hurt Stewart (speaking for himself) and his MAGA party (speaking at large) too much to back the blue in this case. Why would it hurt the MAGAs and GOP? They could almost all say that they don’t want it to happen again. But Occam again says that the answer isn’t sufficient. We think that Mitch McConnell gave the game away when confronted about why he didn’t want to investigate the January 6th riot, he said specifically that Donald Trump – and only Donald Trump – had already been fully investigated.

Donald Trump doesn’t want this investigation and thus all MAGAs must follow or be cast aside.

It has to be Trump. Because if the issue was just an investigation into how it was that the MAGAs believed they needed to storm the building and got in, who might have led such an operation, how much was planned, and all that was just some crazies on the net? They would investigate.

As impressive as Cuomo’s showdown with Stewart was, and it needed to be done, each and every Republican needs to be asked about the justification. Why would McConnell say that it’s about Trump? Each one of them should be asked if they agree or disagree that it’s about Trump. Would an investigation involve Trump? Because the answer to that – or the lack of an answer, would tell us a lot.

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That was well done, but only half done. We don’t want half done, not this site. Ask them all, why would McConnell say it’s about Trump.

Peace, y’all
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