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Congressional House Counsel: Barr Needs to Lose His Law License and Intense Investigations Must Start NOW

The explosive report by the New York Times on Thursday still has the earth trembling in and around Washington. The Trump administration spied on the families of Democrats attempting to impeach him. Period. Full Stop. Now what?

Norm Eisen is an attorney who was hired as counsel for the House Democrats during the first impeachment of Donald Trump. In essence, she was one of the prosecutors for the House in the first Impeachment. Thus it is that she knows these Congressional leaders personally. She is livid about the New York Times report, [1] The  Justice Department, under Bill Barr, secretly spied on members of Congress investigating Trump’s ties to Russia.

It makes one believe that the administration had something to hide, does it not? Spying on representatives investigating him? Getting personal information to compromise them? This sounds like Russian organized crime. Of course, it’s only alleged to be American government abuse of power. So far.

Regardless, Norm Eisen went off on Bill Barr:

“In my 30 years in Washington representing people in front of Congress, and at DOJ working in government and the executive branch as a staff member like those staff members who got subpoenaed in congress, it is completely without a precedented. It’s groundbreaking and earth-shaking. And there are going to be consequences. There’s going to be fallout.’

“You’re going to see congressional observations, you’re going to need a policy or laws to protect reporters and members of Congress. They even went after the child of one of these targets on the Hill to get information about a child’s account from Apple! And then there’s the question of Bill Barr.

We’ve already had two judges criticize him for a coverup in connection with protecting Trump from obstruction charges. Now people are going to be looking at his law license afresh. So expect a lot of legal fallout from this.

And Merrick Garland – so far – has done exactly nothing! He opposed the judges’ orders to the shock of the media and legal analysts here at this site.

This is not actually unprecedented. J. Edgar Hoover, one of the vilest Americans in history, made this sort of thing routine. But in the aftermath, DOJ had cleaned up and it truly is unprecedented. Leave it to the Trump administration to bring back J. Edgar Hoover policies back as routine.

DOJ must bring charges now and Joe Manchin must move his rear self and get on board with investigating the Trump administration or the House might start investigating Joe Manchin. Something is wrong. Manchin really does stand in the way of full congressional investigations. He must either move, or Nancy Pelosi will take over and initiate another serious investigation. Additionally, for the love of god, Merrick Garland needs to start acting like a damned prosecutor!


Peace, y’all
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