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Conservative Columnist Warns That There’s a Plot to Steal the 2024 Election

Washington Post columnist Max Boot is worried a “nightmare scenario” may develop and warns the GOP may try to steal the 2024 election in his latest column.

“Republicans have spent nearly seven months making bogus charges of fraud in the 2020 election under the banner of ‘stop the steal,'” Boot wrote Tuesday. “Now they have segued into a ‘start the steal’ offensive to ensure that they will win the 2022 and 2024 elections — even if most voters once again support the Democratic Party.”

The conservative pundit elaborated on the ways that GOP-sponsored laws have restricted voting access in Georgia and Arizona and he notes Republicans have the same plans for Texas — all as part of an effort “to avert another election defeat for Republicans, HuffPost reports. All of which may give the GOP the impetus to overturn Democratic victories.

Boot is worried “a Republican-controlled Congress overturning the 2024 presidential election results to install (ex-President Donald) Trump or a Trump ‘mini-me’ in the White House.” They are indeed that nefarious.

“This brings me to a nightmare scenario: A Republican-controlled Congress overturning the 2024 presidential election results to install Trump or a Trump ‘mini-me’ in the White House,” Boot writes. “In January, 139 House Republicans and eight Senate Republicans voted not to certify electoral college results in at least one state. Since then, the most prominent GOP opponent of the “big lie,” Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.), has been purged from the House leadership. Willingness to lie about election fraud has become a litmus test for Republicans, with the implicit threat of mob violence if they don’t go along. Republicans are so scared of Trump and his fanatical followers that most of them just voted against a bipartisan investigation of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.”

But there is a way around all this Republican nefariousness, and Boot goes on to note:

“I hope I am being overly alarmist. I really do. But after the storming of the Capitol — and the Republican failure to hold the instigators to account — we have crossed a Rubicon. The best way to protect our electoral system is to pass the For The People Act, which would curb partisan gerrymandering and protect voting rights,” he added. “Senate Democrats have to choose between saving the filibuster and saving Democracy. They can’t do both.”

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Indeed the Democrats need to get cracking on this because if they fail to pay attention, Republicans could win the day. And just how low will Republicans go? Because our democracy could well be at stake and we may lose it.

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