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Don Jr. Faces Serious Backlash for Comparing Dr. Fauci to Bill Cosby (Which is Disgusting)

As we have said many times, Dr. Anthony Fauci is an 80-year-old physician who declined a million dollar a year life working for some pharmaceutical company in order to make a difference in U.S. Public health. Those that actually know medicine, people like other professors of medicine, and people who trust science, like Barack Obama and Joe Biden, know that Dr. Fauci spent his entire life preparing for this moment, this disease.

He did that despite the fact that the White House refused to take Dr. Fauci’s advice (as representative of the best practices in fighting the disease), they refused utilizing the best scientists in the world because the advice got in the way of a campaign that they needed to win. Thus it was that the White House became Ground Zero and COVID Central USA, despite being one of the most locked-down safe facilities on earth, one that surely has air ducts that prevent poisonous gas from entering but couldn’t stop the people carrying the virus.

Trump was determined to have those damned Christmas parties despite the fact that the CDC pleaded with people to not plan them. And so even the president of the United States ended up in the hospital, far sicker than the White House admitted. Trump got a specialized and targeted treatment that is unavailable to most people. He lived, but it was not guaranteed. Karma took its best shot and was only partially successful

The Trump administration allowed hundreds of thousands to die. At one point very early in the epidemic, the CDC said that the U.S. might experience anywhere from between 80,000 to 240,000 deaths – we specifically recall, 240,000 was the high end. We suppose they counted upon an administration that acted with common sense and followed advice. They underestimated the administration and thus 240,000 got passed like a race car.

As part of Trump’s rehabilitation, we have the Trumps insisting that as many as 3 million could have died had Trump not been in charge. The three million figure was if the U.S. did nothing at all. Three million would have died had sports events, concerts, clubs, church, all that continued on as if nothing was happening and continued on as normal.

Science can be like the stock market, it develops over time, it has peaks and valleys, sometimes wrong calls are made. There is not a family on earth that should understand ups and downs than the Trumps. Look at Atlantic City. But they need a villain because they must whitewash the hundreds of thousands dead and who better to attack than Dr. Mask, Fauci?

Don Jr. doesn’t know anything about anything but he believes he knows enough to sound like a jackass in attacking Fauci:

What the hell does this even mean? This is the son of a man who suggested shoving UV light up people’s ass!

Oh, shut up, Junior!

And there are just so many more. What a jackass.

Peace, y’all
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