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Jill Biden Appears to Make a MAJOR Dig at Melania Trump by Wearing ‘Love’ Jacket at G7 Conference

Everyone remembers. It is impossible to forget. No one should want to forget because we care.

During a period when Trump and the White House were being eviscerated for their policies on the border, someone (We are sure it wasn’t Melania) came up with the idea that Melania could visit the border and soften things up.

First of all, it was such an obvious stunt that it wouldn’t have worked under any setting. Again, it was at a point when some MAGAs were actually mad, including some Republicans in Congress. But Melania was not, and never will be, known for her warmth and charm. It felt like Melania “went out” on trips to be the model she always wanted to be.

So when the model wore “The Jacket” expressing her own feelings about… the trip. The jacket reflected her real feelings about the kids on the border, immigrants, like her, only brown. She later said that it was about the media, that she didn’t care about the media’s criticism. Because of course, she did. Melania is a Trump and the media is responsible for any troubles. Everyone with two neurons called bullshit. She didn’t wear that jacket going to the helicopter and off to Mar-a-Lago. She wore it going to visit brown kids.

She didn’t give a fffff.

But Dr. Jill Biden cares about kids and young adults. She cares enough to have earned a doctorate and then started teaching teachers how to connect with the kids. Kids need care. They need their parents’ love. They need stable and good friends. A stable environment that they can trust to not hurt them. And they need mentors and teachers from outside the home. They need a connection with adults who do care, with adults that love helping these kids

We are positive enough to write that it was for those reasons, and surely more, that Jill Biden expressed her love and care for the world, with a jacket back that simply said “Love.” How perfect. America is back, or at least taking the steps.

Plus, as we say all the time, Jill is just so ridiculously beautiful it’s almost a joke.


And then the contrast, just so ugly and perfectly symbolic. Like a good Trump, Melania made it clear that Melania cares and loves Melania.

This country deserves leaders like Jill – who is a leader in her own right, without regard to her husband – who want to celebrate what’s best in the world. She cares.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Jason Miciak
[email protected] and on Twitter @JasonMiciak