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Jim Acosta Revisits Horrific ‘Bible Moment’ by Tearing Into IG Report and He is Rightfully Furious

No one can state with any certainty what has gotten into Jim Acosta of late. Maybe he fell into a new relationship with someone who encouraged him to be himself, maybe he fell out of a relationship with someone who wanted him to be someone he’s not, maybe both. Maybe he just fell on the sidewalk. Whatever it was, it worked. Jim Acosta is certainly being himself because Meryl Streep can’t act this well.

Acosta’s true self is ready to talk about his hatred for the Trump administration and the dangers it posed.

We all often forget that the Interior Department runs federal land in Washington D.C. Thus, it came to be, that the Interior Department’s Inspector General, who “fell” into the position of officially inspecting the “Bible Clearing Moment” in the Trump administration. You recall. Without any warning, stormtroopers without any identification charged out at a peaceful protest and started beating people, including reporters, even ones from another country. Tear gas. Horses. And, of course, Donald Trump’s best imitation of Mussolini or Saddam, holding a Bible he’s never read, in front of a church he’s never entered, as if he was doing God’s work, a God he doesn’t believe in.

Well, Interior Inspector General Mark Greenblatt finally released his report on whether they believe any crimes were committed that day or even whether any policies were broken. Suspected crimes would be referred to the DOJ, and not Bill Barr’s DOJ. The report reflects the kind of judgment that got Greenblatt appointed by Trump in the first place. Greenblatt says that they were just putting up a fence. This man wants his place in Mar-a-Lagoville, and Acosta just wasn’t having it:

“I certainly think it raises more questions than it answers. The Park Police cleared the park with the purpose of setting up this fence because obviously the protesters needed to be moved back from this area where they were defacing statues and potentially pulling down the Andrew Jackson statue and so on.”

Interesting. We recall a more recent situation where protestors actually did deface a monument and went far beyond that sh*t.

“I was in the Rose Garden that day when Trump gave that speech and said ‘I’m going to go to this special place,’ talking about the church, and you could hear the Park Police and other Federal forces, DC police, clearing that park, they were violently pummeling protesters, tear-gassing protesters.

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The White House was telling us ‘Oh, we didn’t use tear gas,’ the DC police were using tear gas. ”

“And I have to say, when I read through this report, it sounded as if this inspector general was auditioning to become the inspector general at Mar-A-Lago because this is almost a whitewash of what occurred on June 1st.”

It seems as though every elected Republican and every Trump-wanna be MAGA is busy whitewashing near everything about the Trump administration. That is what one does when something is cloaked in darkness.


Peace, y’all
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