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Kayleigh McEnany Whines: Why Won’t Vogue Take Photos of Me Like They Did Jen Psaki

First of all, it is soooo typical Kayleigh to be complaining on national cable television about something this trite and personal only to her. Of course, we are talking about her bitterness and jealousy that Jen Psaki has received so much good coverage in the press, while Kayleigh received… less.

Second of all, what in the world does Kayleigh have to complain about? Everyone knew from her first week that she took the job to guarantee her spot as the next up-and-coming young, attractive, blonde, and utterly absurd host on Fox. She got what she wanted! What the ffff, why does she care what people say!

Because she’s Kayleigh.

But third, as is typical of Kayleigh, she assures herself that it’s nothing more than politics and the conservatives always get the shaft when it comes to political coverage (Snowflake alert!) We will allow that some politics might play a role but it’s a small one. The bigger issue – much bigger – is that Jen Psaki actually treats the press as her equal. Despite the fact that the left celebrates “Psaki bombs,” they really aren’t so much “bombs” as great answers that leave a reporter feeling a little silly for asking. More importantly, Psaki treats the press with respect. Sure, there is antagonism, there always will be. But just like she’s there to do a job, she knows the reporters also must do their job.

In contrast, in every Kayleigh briefing (and she only did one or two a week) she gave the briefing for an audience of one. Trump wanted her to beat up the press. Trump wanted her to tell his lies. And yet, despite Trump’s demands, a more talented and experienced press secretary could have done what Trump “sort of” wanted without making it personal, without lecturing the press as to what they should cover, without insulting them and walking off in a huff, like a teenager. This was Kayleigh’s style.

But she wonders why Psaki gets better coverage? Yes, she does. As she said on “Outnumbered” (a show in which she’s a host, her longtime dream) she whined about the personal slight. Complaining about her coverage she said:

“Instead of the glowing profiles, there were hit pieces repeatedly, time and time again.”

Some of those “hit pieces” were more hits on the lies that were told. And some of them were based on the fact that she spent her time hitting the press, they hit back.

It’s just so sad that you have a fawning press corps like this, a fawning media sycophantically covering members of the Biden administration. We need investigative journalism. We don’t need fawning coverage. It doesn’t do the American people any justice.

Oh, fck off. (Excuse us, but, come on.) Kayleigh doesn’t care about “doing the American people justice” or she would’ve talked about Psaki’s coverage without referencing herself. She cares about what she sees as injustices to her and she’s damn well going to use national cable airtime to air her grievances.

This is the woman who said she’d never lie. And then she lied almost daily. But by that point, reporters expected lies. The bigger issue was Kayleigh’s lectures and insults to the press, some of whom spent 35 years, gaining the experience needed to sit in the White House press room, getting talked down to by a 31-year-old brat.

After a while, Kayleigh did become part of the story. We will never, ever, forget or forgive Kayleigh for one comment alone in her first weeks on the job. Before any American had died of COVID, (Paraphrasing) Kayleigh said that the Democrats hoped that COVID would spread to use as a campaign issue against Trump. Over 600,000 dead later, she never apologized. She never said, “That was wrong to say, and I regret it.” That’s all it would have taken.

But that’s what Kayleigh was all about.  As Rawstory put it, “Kayleigh had become a punchline.” We say that it’s because she continually threw punches and never landed one.

Peace, y’all
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