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Lindsey Graham Says ‘Deep State Scientists’ Plotted Against Trump, Wants to Know How COVID Went So Wrong

As we have written before, at one point, Democrats used to like and respect Lindsey Graham more than nearly any other Republican senator. A person heard it in the hallways from staffers, even the most liberal; “Lindsey is actually a pretty good guy.”

Something happened and no one is exactly sure what. Everyone has their theory. Lindsey Graham has gone from being one of Trump’s fiercest opponents – even after the 2016 election, perhaps through 2017, and very very suddenly became Trump’s most loyal senator, or at least most loyal powerful senator. Again, speculation runs rampant.

Apparently, even with Trump now out of office, and even after Lindsey declared himself “through” with Trump and that Biden won, he is now back in his safe spot, kissing Trump’s very low back. Lindsey knows that having 500,000 to 600,000 die on one’s watch is not acceptable in a leader. It is reprehensible. Lindsey knows that. He is trying to get Trump off and whitewash it, just like January 6th.

Lindsey is following the MAGA lead and blaming the world’s greatest scientists for doing this on purpose, “deep staters.” Although, if the scientists did it, it’s awfully hard to explain how the White House became COVID’s central headquarters for a time. That doesn’t bother Lindsey:

Lindsey appears to know that the virus came from a lab in China (perhaps it did). Going off that, Lindsey says: “But first, I want to know, how did our government potentially get it so wrong?” Perhaps it’s because the government didn’t listen to the scientists? It rushed back from quarantine, made masks “optional,” with Trump leading the way, making it political?

“Is there a deep state science department? Is the NIH and the State Department — were people in those two organizations trying to tamp down the idea that it may have come from the lab because they support the lab?”

Fck no. And besides, “where it came from” was less their concern at the time than “where might it now go?” Lindsey is forgiving the unforgivable and he damned well knows it. He doesn’t want history believing that COVID deaths were due to inept leadership. He wants it focused on China. There is plenty of time to have long, serious, talks with China and possible sanctions. But they have still not finished saving lives.

“There are people that did not want Trump to be right. Trump suggested this may have come from a lab and he was called a xenophobic racist by suggesting it came from the lab in China. Well, some people just don’t want Trump to ever be right and those same people are stakeholders in the grant program where their livelihood is on the line.”

We read about this two weeks ago. The new MAGA plan going forward was to distract the public from COVID tragedies and lay the blame on the scientists. Notice that Lindsey has still not told us how finding out “where it came from” would’ve helped save lives. How it was managed once here could have.

“We had all of this information that the document collected by Christopher Steele was not reliable but people used it anyway. They wanted an outcome. I think there is a storyline developing here that people wanted an outcome, they wanted to shoot down the idea that it could be a lab leak because Trump would have been right.”

How very MAGA. Everything that goes wrong under Trump, business or politics, is clearly someone’s fault because everyone is out to get him.

“So that’s what I want to look at. I think part of the motivations were political, not scientific.”

Motivation for WHAT? Protecting the Chinese from blame? Fine, look into that if you want. But in no way does that make Trump right about anything with respect to “how our government got it so wrong.” Canada is just north of us, Mexico is just south of us, neither country got it “as wrong” as the United States. Why not research¬†that? Because the entire world will also be looking at the origins. And besides, no one has proven it came from a lab yet, it’s now a stronger possibility.

But so far, the “deep state” hasn’t been proven wrong in any scientific matter. If Trump knew so much and was “right” about so much, how is it that nearly everyone in the White House got COVID?

Peace, y’all
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