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Mike Lindell Gleefully Claims the Supreme Court Will Vote ‘9-0’ to Reinstate Trump After They See His Evidence

MyPillow founder and QAnon fanboy Mike Lindell, who’s busily pumping money into the “Stop The Steal” movement, posted [1] a video on his right-wing platform FrankTV Thursday presenting alleged “evidence” that China commandeered the 2020 presidential election by hacking voting machines from Dominion Voting Systems among others, Right Wing Watch [2] reports.

Lindell, who’s arguably one paddle short of a canoe titled his video “Absolutely 9-0,” in reference to his prediction that when this “evidence” goes before the Supreme Court, there will be a unanimous decision “to pull this election down.”

His 26-minute video features someone Lindell characterized as a computer expert. That person went on to say he has been reviewing “millions of lines of data” that someone (whose name is never revealed) gave Lindell on Jan. 9. According to Lindell, the so-called yet never produced data proves there were “thousands” of hacks from China and “millions and millions of votes that were flipped in our election by China from Trump to Biden.”

“China did it,” Lindell said, saying this was a “cyberattack of historic proportions” and the biggest crime against our country and humanity I can think of ever.”

Lindell’s unnamed “expert” who purportedly reviewed the files and whose face was digitally skewed in the video, claimed the data had been recorded in real-time while some of the hacks were taking place on election night. The two claimed that their analysis of just 20 of the “thousands” attacks from China demonstrated enough votes were flipped to reverse the election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, and Wisconsin.

Then the situation turns loopity-loo. But this is Mike Lindell, after all, so this really shouldn’t be a surprise. He asks his “expert” to “verify for viewers that he (Lindell) had demanded that they carefully validate all their evidence, and the expert affirmed that ‘we validated the validation that was validated.”

Try to catch up. I’ll wait.

“This isn’t subjective,” Lindell explained, adding it is “irrefutable.” His “expert” agreed.

“Now everybody knows why I’ve had the confidence I’ve had over the last couple months,” he said, clearly happy-slappy at this point.

“It’ll be 9-0 everybody,” he said, envisioning the Supreme Court justices will be “heroes” by following the “100 percent non-negotiable” evidence he will somehow provide them with and “pull this election down.”

Oh, and by the way, Lindell is hosting a “June 12 MAGA Frank” rally which will include in Wisconsin that will include the usual allotment of Trump-supporting nincompoops, including Trump himself, who will appear live via Jumbotron. That should be just about enough to turn anyone’s stomach so I just I’d let y’all know should anyone have the misfortune of being in the area at the time.

You have been warned.

Oh, and also: Dear Chinese government, if you did any of this at all, THANK YOU!