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New Trump Photo Raises Big Questions: He Looks Terrible While Also Scaring People with Delusional Thinking

Every media outlet, including our own, has spent much of the last week analyzing the utter insanity and utter terror brought on by Trump’s assertion that he will be reinstated as president by August 1st. We thought it was typical Trump bluster until assured in later reports that no, he actually believes it. As we reported last night, the fact that he’s more divorced from reality than ever – “stunningly delusional” according to one conservative supporter – has many on the far right concerned about Trump’s mental stability.


Mental stability and physical stability go hand in hand. There are clues that even laypeople know that can indicate possible trouble. Even just personal grooming gives a lot away. Beyond grooming, a person’s physical appearance, whether they look strong, color, all that. We all know.

We find it odd that, despite the fact that Trump’s always been delusional, this “next level” coincides with one of the more disturbing public Trump pictures we’ve seen in some time. How much time does Trump typically work on his hair alone? More time than Melania, we’re quite sure. Have we ever seen a hair out of place if it wasn’t windy? We can’t recall. He looks like he’s actually losing weight, but not in the way that makes a person look healthier. The smile is forced, his pants look ridiculous… and it must be reinforced, this is happening at the very same time that some of his biggest supporters are deeply concerned that’s he’s gone completely off the edge.

He doesn’t look good at all:

Admittedly, as much as we cannot stand the filthy wealthy Kelly Loeffler, very few of us could look good standing next to her. But Trump looks even worse than expected. He’s a mess and he’s a mess while his own people worry about his mental health.

All this is happening while his MAGAs love him more than ever. It is a dangerous mix.

Peace, y’all
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