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OUTRAGEOUS: Kayleigh McEnany Tweets Humiliating Jeffrey Toobin Interview as Raging Revenge: ‘This Is CNN’

Kayleigh McEnany just outdid herself and that is saying something.

Her disgusting need to hate any organization, any media, any person individually, who criticized her,  leads her into a Trump-like need for crushing revenge. But her outlet makes her sound unstable, childlike, and still representative of the Trump administration.

Of late, she has pouted – and that’s not a strong enough word – about the fact that Jen Psaki will be photographed by Vogue in an issue highlighting the great women (who happen to be beautiful) in the White House right now. As an entrance to her personal jealously, McEnany strongly criticizes the media for what she sees as loving softballs at Psaki and Biden. She does this while whining that the media was far harder on her. She then says that it is damaging to the American people because they won’t get the truth… It is clearly not about her anger regarding a loss to the American people. She is hurt because Kayleigh is hurt, jealous, and immature,  which results in rage.

In one sense, she is right. The “media” asked tough questions of her, perhaps tougher than Psaki gets. McEnany is too hypnotized to realize that she is not counting Fox, OAN, and Newsmax as “the media” because they clearly loved her up with their fawning questions. So it is true that the media did ask her more aggressive questions because the Right Wing organizations are not “media,” they are propaganda and she knows it.

The more neutral and mainstream media – the truthful media – was harder on her because she continually and obviously lied and covered up some of the worst abuses of the Trump administration. She lashed out immaturely when asked about critical matters that made the Trump administration look bad. (Because they were so bad.)

Speaking of lashing out, her personal need for revenge, which is just so Trump-like that it is scary, has moved her to take her very personal anger out on CNN. Kayleigh used the interview of Jeffery Toobin, which includes a description of why he was fired (that we will not cite) has nothing to do with CNN’s coverage or value, nothing. It is nothing more than addressing a serious and embarrassing incident. In fact, CNN is criticizing their own previous analyst! Something Fox would never do.

And yet the very Christian and forgiving Kayleigh rages with a juvenile and self-satisfied response: “This is CNN.” Yes, Kayleigh, this is CNN being honest and open about a problem that happened on their network. That is CNN and that’s what makes it “media” rather than right-wing propaganda:

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One wants to lash out back at Kayleigh and yet one also knows that the adult thing to do is simply expose her for what she is without any need to comment. That “is” Kayleigh.

Peace, y’all
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