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Republican Says the GOP Must Get Rid of Trump Fast Even if Painful: Flush ‘the Kidney Stone’

Everyone [smart] loves, Nicolle Wallace because she is damned smart herself. The show did an especially brilliant move by bringing in Barbara Comstock, the former Virginia Republican representative, to speak her mind. Comstock is like nearly every “former” Republican politician. She has no tolerance for Trump or the MAGA movement and there is a lesson in there somewhere. Evidently, Comstock did not take time out of her day to mince words about what she believes needs to be done with the GOP, painful as it might be.

Before we get to her statement, we should note that she’s right in many ways. Excising Trump from the GOP is going to be painful for Republicans. They will likely get their asses kicked in 2022 because the MAGAs either won’t vote or will split the Right’s vote. That will hurt. It will likely also ensure their loss in 2024 for the same reason. This is, unquestionably, short-term pain, especially for a guy like McConnell, who will not be around another thirty years to see the results, a new, modern GOP for 21st-century democracy and not early 20th century.

Comstock apparently doesn’t care who is going to be around. She knows what she wants to be done and she knows it’s not going to be fun.

 I do think, you know, sooner rather than later, with the truth coming out, the scales will fall from the eyes, the way they did with Joe McCarthy, and this will be either it’s cutting out the cancer or maybe, you know, more optimistically, it’s passing of the political kidney stone that’s painful, but we can all survive it.

“I do think our democracy was built to last, it’s lasted through tougher things than Donald Trump, who is two times impeached, failed guy, who at 47 percent, going down every day, is not going to be the future of anything that will ever get to the White House. if we nominate him, yeah, that’s not good, because then we lose, but he’s not going to be the future of anything. Except failure. Sore loser. Sore losers everywhere can rally around Donald Trump, but sore losers are still losers.”

Bwahahah. Nicely done. There is nothing worse to Trump than being called a “loser.”

We have to give some credit here. It is hard to invent new ways to say “Trump needs to go.” They have all been used-up, like thirty times over, and we like to think of ourselves as rather creative. But “kidney stones”? Comstock just lifted the bar for all of us. We must fumigate our malaise when it comes to finding new ways.

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