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Social Media Goes Nuts Over Photo of Jill Biden Working, and the Comparisons to Melania are Brutal

We have always believed that a FLOTUS was under no obligation whatsoever to play a public role. Each First Lady or soon-to-be Gentleman married a person without any plan to be First Lady someday or at least any semi-inevitable plans. They fell into the role by their spouses’ decision. We always believed it was perfectly acceptable for a spouse to announce at the beginning of the term: “I uncomfortable with public speaking in front of cameras and have chosen to do the work I choose behind the scenes, where I am most effective.

So long as he or she admitted it up front, and then stuck to it fully, who wouldn’t respect that decision? No one reasonable.

But once one decides that she (or he) is going to put herself out there as a public figure with a public role in the White House, thus calling attention to her/himself and expect to reap all the benefits accompanying such a role, then one is expected to put serious work into that job. It is a job.

No, $300 hairstyles, kidney operations,  nor spending hours both picking out the perfect five-inch heels and finding a person to purchase the $500 trophies does not count as work. ( Some of us have never worn heels, but it damn well does look like work, especially on grass. It still doesn’t count.)

Jill Biden has a Ph.D. Those are not given out for being very pretty because if they were, Jill and Michelle would have a dozen each. Degrees like that take serious work. Additionally, while Jill was “Second Lady,” she actually did work, at her job, as a teacher, which is admirable and typical.

But we now have a picture proving Jill is just a bit different than Melania and a step-up. We don’t want to be rude and say that Melania couldn’t read English, we’re near certain she just wouldn’t. And that brings us to Jill, working while most of us stare out the window for hours.

Melania worked on being pretty. It’s nice to have a FLOTUS who is prettier, while she works on something important.

Twitter had a field day:

Peace, y’all
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