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Stephen Miller Accuses Jane Fonda of Treason: Americans Respond with Fury ‘Sedition!’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity!’

People have often discussed, without a hint of hyperbole, that people from the Trump administration, Stephen Miller, and Trump – in particular, could be charged with crimes against humanity. It is hard to imagine because we’re too indoctrinated into seeing American Exceptionalism, we’re supposed to be the good guys. Keyword in that sentence, “supposed to.”

Donald Trump’s administration didn’t do much at all like it was “supposed to.” Never mind exceptional, let’s talk criminal. Picture the Balkans war, or a war in Syria, Central Africa, East Asia El Salvador, and picture refugees fleeing to a neighboring nation. Under international law, those that make it to that nation present themselves, they are to be given a hearing, determining if they are fleeing danger and, if so, be allowed to live in that nation until the danger no longer exists. Imagine that neighboring nation hating the immigrants so much that they take the children away from their parents as “deterrence” so no one seeks refuge from that country.

Now does it sound like a crime against humanity? It does, because even the United States, home of the statue of liberty, is capable of such horrors and Stephen Miller (along with Trump) the kind that wanted such policies. We haven’t even gotten to the part about defending the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

So who is Stephen Miller to go on Fox and address Jane Fonda’s position on a pipeline? Miller actually doesn’t address the pipeline, at least not in the clip below, he spends the entire time talking about the fact that Jane Fonda should be brought up on treason charges for sitting on a North Vietnam tank and her trip through Hanoi.

Fonda visited and took sides with the enemy at the same time that the North Vietnamese were shooting at our troops and helicopter pilots. Perhaps she should have been charged with something (Not treason). Her demonstration went beyond free speech. But tell us what that has to do with a pipeline and tell us how it is that Stephen Miller gets to complain to anyone about anything regarding Anti-American conduct. Because we’re a little infuriated by what we see here:

Shut up! For an oil pipeline, Stephen? You would have her awarded with a medal if she wanted an open canal of hot oil across the American-Mexican border.

Many noted that same:

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It doesn’t matter whether the war was legal, illegal, good idea, bad idea, well-intentioned, or any of it. She sat for pictures on a tank of people shooting at our 19-year-old.

Peace, y’all
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