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Stephen Miller Says He’s Fighting ‘Transgender Ideology’ Because He Knows What’s Better for Kids

It is well-known that Stephen Miller has long been a repugnant racist and has acted upon that racism in some of the most abhorrent ways. We truly believe that charges for crimes against humanity should be written up in The Hague. Moreover, Stephen really isn’t all that bashful about being an unrepentant racist. He seems to enjoy spreading his hatred.

Evidently, it is easy to transition and envelope that racism with LGBTQ issues, because Miller seemed on home turf Wednesday during an interview: Stephen told CBN’s David Brody:

“We are a country whose ethical, religious and moral heritage is Judeo Christian.”

Wait. Hold-up. Go to school, Stephen! Even the traditional American Exceptionalism folks take pride in the fact that the Founding Fathers utterly rejected government based on any religion, including their values. The accurate statement is that this country was based upon the ethics and morality of good people everywhere.

Regardless, Stephen was nowhere near finished:

What it means is that Judeo Christian values, form the bedrock of our declaration. Our constitution, our civil rights, our moral character, who we are as a people who we are as a country, we inherit from our founders that deep religious faith that deep cultural attachment to these principles, and when they are under assault, our whole nation is under assault, we ought to be teaching and inculcating into our children these fundamental values and principles that made us who we are, that makes Western civilization what it is that is critical to having not just a great present, but an amazing future for this country.”

Our nation is not under assault by loving people as they are. Our nation is under assault by people who hate others for who they are.

“My personal view is that this is a failed ideology that is destined to topple in on itself. For this agenda to succeed for the transgender ideology to succeed, they need people to be scared and quiet and not to speak the plain truth. Because once people say I’m not going to bow down to something I know is untrue. I’m not going to be afraid I am going to speak my mind respectfully tastefully, honestly, it’s not going to hold it will crumble the edifice will collapse.”

STFU, your agenda requires people to be scared and quiet while your type steals it right out from under them. You want a permanent minority government where you get to pick what’s valued. It is called fascism and history shows that such a scenario never ends well.

Peace, y’all
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