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Trump’s Golf Buddies Concerned About His Mental Health Because of His Insane Lies and Conspiracies

Newsweek reports that Donald Trump’s golfing buddies are worried about his mental health because the former president is still obsessed with resuming his role at the White House as soon as possible, Raw Story [1] reports.

Trump was reportedly shocked by reporting on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails and he now thinks criticism of the doctor will send him back to the White House in 2024. But Newsweek [2] also notes the former president fully believes he will be reinstated in August.

He was playing a round of golf when contacted about Fauci’s emails and a public admission regarding COVID-19 — “which the Newsweek report admits are less than they seem,” per Raw Story. Even so, Trump was apparently stunned by the claims.

“The former president was ‘gobsmacked’ as a family friend put it, by Fauci’s confession last month that he was no longer ‘confident’ the virus had developed naturally,” Newsweek reports. “Trump has been reveling in emails released which seem to suggest Fauci took the lab-leak hypothesis much more seriously early on than he admitted publicly. Trump even took a call while on the golf course recently from an aide telling him about some of the emails. ‘You think the press is actually going to go after this guy?’ He wondered aloud to his playing partner, an aide says.”

Newsweek reports that Trump thinks scrutiny surrounding Dr. Fauci will somehow add credibility to his claim that he was right and Fauci was wrong about the COVID-19 pandemic and that this will strengthen his 2024 presidential hopes.

“Trump believes he and Pompeo and his national security team are being vindicated as more and more questions are raised about the Wuhan lab. In fact, Team Trump is beginning to wonder if the politics of the pandemic might be turning in ways that could help a run in 2024. The vaccines developed under Operation Warp Speed effectively ended the pandemic — and Trump is happy to have the debate about whether he or Joe Biden deserves the credit,” writes Newsweek’s Bill Powell. [3]

Trump loves nothing more than patting himself on the back, but he does deserve some credit for Operation Warp Speed. But the COVID-19 situation in the U.S. wouldn’t have worsened if he’d taken the pandemic seriously in the first place. He stubbornly refused to set any sort of example for Americans by rarely wearing a mask and promoted cockamamie cures. [4]

And Trump is still entertaining fantasies that he’ll soon be reinstated, much to the worry of his associates who are concerned this makes him look “unhinged.”

That’s led one Trump insider to note:

“Look, he believes — and a lot of his supporters believe — the election was stolen, and they’ll go to their graves thinking that, even if they can’t prove it. It’s one thing to believe that. But to go around saying some magic fairy is going to put you back into the White House in the middle of someone else’s first term is just nutty.”

Well yeah, but nuttiness is nothing new to Trump. He did after all ridiculously link [5] windmills to cancer.