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While Rioters Were Storming the Capitol, Ivanka Was Bragging That Her Kids Got Into a Fancy Private School

As the turmoil unfolded at the Capitol building on January 6, Ivanka Trump simply couldn’t be troubled by what was happening because she was too busy bragging to a “variety of people” about her children being accepted into a posh private school in Florida. She described the increasingly violent riot as an “optics issue” when she was pulled away in the middle of boasting about her children’s new school.

After floating around the White House as the situation continued to worsen, she finally addressed the “optics issue” around 3:15 when she spoke to the unruly mob — calling them “American patriots” and telling them to “be peaceful” in a tweet that was deleted soon after.

That’s according to an excerpt of journalist and author Michael Wolff’s new book Landslide: The Final Days of The Trump Presidency. The excerpt appeared [1] in New York Magazine on Monday, Insider [2] reports.

Dear old dad also downplayed the issue, according to the book after discussing the situation with his aides for the better part of an hour, debating whether he should speak publicly about it.

He finally took to Twitter, telling the mob to “stay peaceful,” almost 25 minutes after they invaded the Capitol. Some of Trump’s advisers pushed him to make a stronger statement and presented him with two different tweets he could post, Wolff reported.

Trump, however, flatly refused.

Those tweets accused “crazed leftists” and the “ANTIFA” of mounting the insurrection and urged Trump supporters to “head home,” per Wolff. And, “leftists” and the Antifa have been repeatedly blamed for the riot even though the FBI has not found any evidence [3] that the rioters belonged to leftist or Antifa organizations.

Trump finally released a video on Twitter two hours after the violence began, telling the surly mob to go home. That video, like his earlier tweets, was subsequently deleted.

If you think about the situation, you can see where Ivanka learned her bad habits. Her father has always lived in an insular world where he seldom cared about anyone but himself. Ivanka, however, has always been his “darling.” She’s never had to worry about her lot in life, and like her children, has always gone to the poshest schools and lived a life of privilege.

Like father, like daughter, I suppose.

Wolff’s book is scheduled for release on July 27.